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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hagar The Womb : Peel Session 11/02/1984

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Spirited Anarcho Punk from the Mortarhate signed Hagar The Womb. Go to always good Green Galloway for a nice zine article from back then. Check out some of the other old zine articles while your there (Kill Your Pet Puppy, Ripped & Torn et al.). And be nice, and say hello.
'Song Of Deep Hate' I think is particulary good on this.

TX - 20/02/1984
Producer - Dale Griffin
Engineer - Peter Watts
Studio - Maida Vale 5

Today's Miss World
Armchair Observer
By Force
A Song Of Deep Hate

Line Up
Chris Knowles (Drums)
Mitch Flacko (Bass)
Paul Harding (Guitar)
Janet Nassim (Guitar)
Ruth Ellis (Vocals)
Karen Amden (Vocals)
Elaine Rubens (Vocals)

Hagar The Womb - Peel Session

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Inca Babies : Peel Session 28/01/1984

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Great session from 1984 from Manchester's Inca Babies. Click photo to go to official site.

TX - 06/02/1984
Producer - Dale Griffin
Engineer - Martin Colley
Studio - Maida Vale 5

Grunt Cadillac Hotel
Brother Rat
Superior Spectre
Big Jugular

Line Up
Mike Keeble (Vocals)
Alan Brown (Drums)
Bill Marten (Bass)
Harry Stafford (Guitar)

Inca Babies - Peel Session

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Killing Joke - 6/3/85 London, Paris Theatre. Radio 1 In Concert

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Probably the best live band on the planet. This was a Radio 1 in Concert programme recorded during the Nightime tour of 85. All tracks are separated. If your a Joke fan this is highly recommended. If your not a Joke fan this is highly recommended. Listen!

Setlist: Night Time/Tabazan/Darkness Before Dawn/Kings and Queens/Tension/ Pssyche/Eighties/Wardance

Killing Joke - 6/3/85

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Polemic : Demo

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You may or may not be aware of the CD series on Overground Records celebrating the 80's Anarcho scene, featuring the well known Crass, Flux, etc and the less well known like The Assassins (see Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf).
No 2 in the series 'Anti-State' features a track by the band Polemic 'Deceptive Ideals' They were formerly called Polemic Attack. Today's post is the complete five track demo from where that track was culled.
They hailed from Fareham and featured Terena drums/vocals, heather bass who also wrote anarcho/feminist zine lost faith and Gareth Guitar and vocals. Similar in style to Alternative, Dirt, Krondstadt Uprising, Early Chumbawamba. Great release this, still sounds angry today. Please refer to page 240 of your guide. The always wonderful 'The Day The Country Died' by Ian Glasper.

Unmarked Grave, Frightening Protection, Nu-Killer, Deceptive Ideals, The End Song.

Polemic - Demo

Monday, September 17, 2007

Impact : South Wales

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Partly inspired by Pogel at Rare Punk's question how many bands were there called Impact? Well, here's my favourite. Impact, from Cwmbran, Gwent, South Wales. Remembered by most for the single 'Punk Christmas' (which as their only 'hit' we used to get the joy of hearing in August etc.) & 'Stormtrooper Tactics' which appeared on the No Future comp 'A Country Fit For Heroes Vol 2'. I've also included in this post their self released 4 Track tape from 83. Solid UK 82 stuff this 8 tracks in total. there's another 5 track tape out there somewhere which I've lost to time. they've got a nice myspace up (click covers as always). You need this for 'Stormtrooper Tactics' alone. But you will play 'Punk Christmas' every year from now on. Guaranteed. Let's get into the spirit of things!

Vocals : Paul
Drums : Sid
Bass: Kev
Guitar : Tony
Add Vocals : Dickie

Sid is still active in the Psychobilly/Punk influenced Dead Beat Deluxe.

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All the demo covers were hand painted.

Impact - Demo/7 inch

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Action Pact : Peel Session 07/08/1982

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Action Pact's second Peel session of 1982. Particular favoutite of mine from this session is the rewrite of album track 'These are a few of the things that need fucking' to the far more entertaining 'These Are A Few Groups (On the john Peel Show)' where all yuh John Peel faves are given a mention.

Times Must Change
Drowning Out The Big Jets
Foolish Factions
These Are A Few Groups (On the john Peel Show)
Protest Is Alive
Foul On The Footpath

Line Up
Joe Fungus (Drums)
Kim 'dr Phibes' Igoe (Bass)
Des 'Wild Planet' (Guitar)
George Cheex (Vocals)

TX - 16/08/1982
Producer - Dale Griffin
Engineer - Mike Engles
Studio - Maida Vale 4

Action Pact - Peel Session

Saturday, September 15, 2007

In Excelsis - Peel Session 8/02/84

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Featuring Spon (ex-UK Decay) on guitar , Errol Blyth on vocals , Mark Bond on bass (both ex-Ritual) and Roxy on drums. Great session this superior to the vinyl outings I think.

Love Lies

Line Up
Roxy (Drums)
Mark (Bass)
Spoon (Guitar)
Errol (Vocals)

TX - 08/02/1984
Producer - Dale Griffin
Engineer - Nick Gomm
Studio - Maida Vale

In Excelsis - Peel Session

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Goldblade : Strictly Hardcore

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Goldblade fronted by former Membranes lead singer, music journalist, authour, TV pundit and all round good guy John Robb. If Jello Biafra had come from Blackpool he would have been John Robb. But not as cool. One of the hardest working punk rock bands on the planet. The are a non stop touring machine, Robb has also managed to write (in my opinion) one of the best books on punk ever, 'Punk Rock, an oral history' where everyone that matters is talked to. Testify!

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Goldblade - Strictly Hardcore

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Anhrefn - Clutter From The Gutter

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Nearly didn't post this when I saw Pogel at Rare Punk did a big Anhrefn post in May. But what the hell. Anhrefn, Punk Welsh Language legends & John Peel favourites team up with Liverpudlian actress Margi Clarke. (Letter to Brezhnev anyone? 1985?..No?) Shouldn't work but does, with Clarke coming on like a Scouse Eve Libertine.
Artwork & additional lyrics by none other than Jamie Reid of Sex Pistols sleeves fame, the man who put the safety pin through the Queen's nose.
Anhrefn were a great band in their own right. So check out the Anhrefn my-space and download some more Welsh language songs. Di iawn.

Anhrefn - Clutter From The Gutter
Anhrefn - Croeso I Gymru

At their live best.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Dead Wretched : Convicted/Infiltrator

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More of the criminally ignored of 82. Dead Wretched. Hailing from the Midlands and signed to Inferno Records along with The Varukers & Drongoes For Europe. Released two great 7 inches ('No Hope For the Wretched' being the other, previously posted on this site) before drifting into obscurity. Bizzarely appeared on a children's TV programme doing the unreleased "Your No Exception" which I still have on VHS. Went on to become The Burning with little success.

Dead Wretched - Convicted
Dead Wretched - Infiltrator

Friday, September 07, 2007

Crass : White Punks On Hope

Crass - If There Was No Government
Excerpt from 'Yes Sir I Will'

Crass - Rival Tribal, Rebel Revel
Flexi Disc Toxic Graffiti Fanzine

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Fits : You're Nothing, You're Nowhere

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Rondelet Records 1982."You're Nothing You're Nowhere" The Fits only full L.P. release.
Later signed to Crass subsiduary Chorpus Christi for one single, the epic "Tears of a Nation". Eventually ended up on the Peter & The Test Tube Babies ran Trapper records, releasing the classic "Peace & Quiet" on a split 12" with The Test Tube Babies. Which you can get over at the excellent Sounds Fair. Running Riot has also recently posted a live gig from 1984 along with shit loads of other bootlegs & stuff. You'll be there for weeks.
The band are criminally overlooked to my mind, one of my favourite all time LP's being "Your'e Nothing, Your Nowhere". Think Rondelet stable mates Anti-Pasti with a sense of humour & snottier vocals and your getting close.

The Fits : You're Nothing, You're Nowhere

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Charged G.B.H. - Do What You Do

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No real introductions needed for this one. Clay records 1984. My favourite G.B.H. single.
Click covers to go to official web-site, where there's a couple of tracks off 'A fridge too far'. Buy something while your there. Maybe a nice hat for winter. Or some G.B.H. long johns. Go!!!

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G.B.H. - Do What You Do
G.B.H. - Four Men

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Disaster : With Years Left To Go

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The Disaster Endwell Records July 1, 2003. They hail from Rochester NY, and are made up mostly of members of the now disbanded old school-style HC band Head On, plus current and ex-members of Standfast and Break Of Dawn. Eight songs on this 7 inch E.P. with influences seeming to range from Lifetime to Minor Threat and back.

The Disaster - With Years Left To Go

This System Kills : Red Brick

It's looking good for the future
Everything's going to plan
The company has closed the new deals
Massive growth in a third world land
Time to look at the first of the showhomes
A snippit at 100 grand
So nice, so close to work,
So picturesque now the mines have gone

Yes I can see, you're so happy
Be part of the dream, part of the scheme
Everything's nice & clean, you're a Dyson queen,
The Volvo's a dream

So fucked up more money than sense
(talking about the red brick sycophants)
A capitalist symbol with a trellis fence
(talking about the red brick sycophants)
Consumer freedom is what we are told
Planning permission is yet to unfold

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This System Kills - Red Brick
Click pictures to go to band web-site.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Radio Stars : Nervous Wreck

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This my friends is dated. But is that a bad thing. I dunknow. You decide. Chiswick Records 1977, The Radio Stars, Nervous Wreck. Is it Punk? Were Cock Sparrer punk? It's certainly catchy as hell in a Cockney knees up style and I like it, which is kinda the point. File alongside Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias, punksploitation if you will.

Radio Stars - Nervous Wreck
Radio Stars - Horrible Breath

There Are No Russians in Russia from the Marc Bolan show in the Summer of 77.

Orangutang : The Rewards of Cruelty [EP]

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Orangutang were from Boston. The members were Christian Dyas on vocals and guitar, Joe Klompus on bass, David Steele on guitar, and Todd Perlmutter on drums. They put out this EP, The Rewards of Cruelty, in 1993 (a full-length album, Dead Sailor Acid Blues, followed in 1994) on Imago Records.
Christian Dyas and Joe Klompus were both from Baltimore and relocated to Boston after the break-up of Fiction Bridge, formerly Hour House (no known recorded output under this name) and Clever Lines.
Should appeal to Fugazi & Dischord fans in general as it's produced & engineered by Don Zientara at Inner Ear studios and his stamp is all over it.

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Orangutang - The Rewards of Cruelty [EP]

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Too Many Crooks : Plague EP

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Bit of top-notch Ska for you here. Brighton's, Too Many Crooks. Title track off this E.P. "Plague For Today" is a belter. Think "Plastic Gangster" period 4-Skins good stuff indeed. They've supported Mighty, Mighty Bosstones and Dropkick Murphys amongst others. Click cover to go to their homepage, where these lovely short haired gentlemen have another 9 tracks you can have buck shee off their MP3 page. Nicely.

TRACKS: Plague For Today, Seeing God, Alley Cat, Scream Like A Baby (Deep Throat Mix), Too Many Crooks

Too Many Crooks - Plague EP

Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Inciters : Still No Future...

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Anarcho D.I.Y. from The Inciters, 2002. Think Conflict & Dirt but with a modern sound A'la The Restarts & Anarchoi and your getting close. If you like any of the aforementioned bands you won't be disappointed. Trust me. Hidden track on this happens to be a cover of one of me favourite songs by one of me favourite bands. Recommended listening should you be thinking of blowing up a police station/butchers/animal lab this evening. We're doing it Snowy!

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The Inciters - Still No Future

The Secluded : We Despise Society

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It's a re-up, from Ebbw Vale South Wales, The Secluded played Anarcho Street-punk influenced by bands like Anti-Pasti & Discharge, their only vinyl outing was "Steal Cheat & Victimise" which was included on the "I've Got Those Demoliton Blues" comp L.P. which the band The Insane released in 83 & also featured fellow Welsh bands The Oppressed & Picture Frame Seduction. Here's the "We Despise Society" demo from the same year.


Royal Blood
Steal Cheat & Victimise
Mindless Violence
Police State

The Secluded - We Despise Society