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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Model Army : Bristol Thekla Social 27/11/2007

Peroxide took a few more shots last night. I got to go to this gig though! New Model Army (obviously) Thekla Social, Bristol.
'I went fishing off this boat in Bristol once....' You finish it.

The Thekla Social is a great venue that's actually an old boat at dock. Only holds about 450 people on board. Great set and the atmosphere was brilliant.

Always a good crowd in Bristol & I got to see a few Bristol lads I used to follow New Model Army around with when I was younger.

Still the band that have meant the most to me in the world ever. You'll find numerous links littered around the blog. Cheers to Peroxide for the shots. Who is getting rather good at this I think. Hard to pick a few as she took 200 and something!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Feeding Of The 5000 - 24/11/07 - 25/11/07

Ok, picture special as promised from this weekends Feeding Of The 5000 gig at Shepperd's Bush Empire. Peroxide risked life and limb for some of these people, fine job I think. The door policy was a bit of a mess the first night it would seem. People confused as to what queue was what etc. Peroxide didn't get in til half 8 so caught Conflict mid set.

Colin Conflict looking suitably psychotic, Apparently he'd cut his finger.

Conflict - The Serenade Is Dead

Steve and band first night.

Something tapping you on the shoulder there Steve?

Nice to see Gizz still using the same guitar he had on in last nights Janus Stark post.

'Merchandise, it keeps us alive!' £15.00 your shirt £10.00 your poster. Ummm...
Second night. Better than the first Peroxide tells me.

Deviated Instinct.

Steve Lake of Zounds.
Zounds - This Land

To be honest, I'm More worried about Steve Lake's teeth than globalisation. You shouldn't drink that stuff man! It dissolves skrews n shit! If the Global director of Coke happens to be passing, I'd quite like £50,000 for product placement. Cheers!

Flux Of Pink Indians. The band responsible for my diet.

Before? While they were? It's Flux. 1970's.
The Epileptics - 1970's Were Made In Hong Kong

Second night. I'm like 'Did they still sound like Crass? No heavy metal solos or shit?' She's like, 'Yeah, sounded like Crass'
Crass - Rival Tribal, Rebel Revel

All a bit Spaghetti western this. Seems like a missed an OK weekend. I dunno. If you went drop us a comment. I'm interested.

Janus Stark - Every Little Thing Counts

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I don't know how many of you lovely people have, or are popping along to Shepperd's Bush Empire for 'Singalong-a-Steve' this weekend. Peroxide is there for us taking a few shots which we should have up tomorrow. (tell us what you thought in the comments if you went)
Playing guitar for Mr. Ignorant this weekend is one Gizz Butt. Ex-Destructors, English Dogs, Live Prodigy guitarist and Janus Stark.
Janus Stark were essentially the English Dogs after a name change and shift to the centre musically. I happen to like this quite a bit. Don't expect the English Dogs mark 2, that it's not. It is however shoutty, with a nice singalong chorus which always works for me. They split in 2002. Gizz now plays in 'The More I See'. Click rear of sleeve to go to Gizz's web-site.

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Janus Stark - Every Little Thing Counts

Friday, November 23, 2007

The Astronauts - Constitution

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Great bit of folky punk for you from The Astronauts on 'Acid Stings' records 1991. Released the classic 'All Done By Mirrors' LP on The Mob's 'All The Madmen' records in 1983, which was just posted at Kill Your Pet Puppy .
That LP reminds me of evenings spent at my mate Maggsy's house. Maggsy had a chicken that lived in the house called Oswald. Some klepto type he knew had half inched the said creature, and in some twisted ALF animal lib type way, Maggs ended up with the bird living in the house. Now, as you can probably guess, this wasn't the greatest arrangement for human or bird.The fucking thing was mental. It would peck the shit out of you. Very territorial our chicken friends. They hurt man!
You would lend an album to Maggsy and it would come back covered in chicken shit. You would have to sponge the covers down. My copy of 'Curse of Zounds' still pays testament to this.
I'm rambling sorry....

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The Astronauts - Constitution
The Astronauts - Please Don't Come Round Tonight

And for Oswald...
Millions Of Dead Cops - Chicken Squawk

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

MDC - Shades Of Brown

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It would seem that MDC are over in this country again in April next year and are playing TJ's again. So to celebrate we'll have 'Shades Of Brown' from 1993 on 'WE Bite' records. My favourite MDC LP after the first one.
'Thanks for Giving Me What I Didn't Want' & 'Long Time Gone' I think are as good as anything off that first record. Shame to here about Mikey Offender recently as well. It's not been a great year.

Shades of Brown/Winter of 92/Someone's Behind You Again/This Land/Thanks for Giving Me What I Didn't Want/Greenwash/Slow, Stupid & Hungry/Hail Satan/Borrowed Time/Squat Dogs/Welfare Line/Spare Change/Real Food, Real People, Real Bullets/Long Time Gone/ Last Train to Castro/

MDC - Shades Of Brown

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Voodoo Glow Skulls : TJ's 17/11/07

Peroxide got her camera out again last night and took a few shots of the Voodoo Glow Skulls.

Voodoo Glow Skulls - Left For Dead

Voodoo Glow Skulls - El Mas Chingon

Voodoo Glow Skulls

A few of the TJ's regulars.

And support band Left Alone.
You are forgiven if you mistake this gig for a tattoo convention.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Distortion : The Generation That Never Grew Up

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First one with the camera. Um.... Well Pogel at Rare Punk seems to manage. And as it goes Rare Punk posted the album with this line up of Distortion a little while back. Click covers to go there. Check out some of the other great stuff he's got posted while your there.
Generation That Never Grew up. Indeed.
Relentless Records 2000.

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Distortion - The Generation That Never Grew Up

Yes, I'm an Asshole

The scanner is knackered. So I think we'll experiment with the camera for a bit.
Slobo calls this bragging rights. It's a bit like those pictures you see at the back of the Beano though isn't it. Where you have your picture taken with all your Beanos. Yup I'm a grown man with children acting like a 5 year old. This is what I did with my day off. Productive i'm sure you'll agree.

Concrete Sox - Your Turn Next

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At the forefront of the British hardcore/crust punk movement of the mid to late eighties Nottingham's Concrete Sox. Debut L.P. from 1986, on Bristol's 'Children Of The Revolution' records. Lovely riffage! And you knows you needs a bit of riffage in your diet. Innit.

Intelligence Quest/Who Was the First?/Eminent Scum/Sustain the Orgy/Ten Steps to Oblivion/Each Day a New Low/New Breed/Salt of the Earth/Civilised/Torn/Your Turn Next/Sadists

Concrete Sox - Your Turn Next

Tank - He Fell In Love with A Stormtrooper

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Former bassist for The Saints and The Damned in heavy metal band shock. Sort of. Algy Ward's Tank. Produced by Fast Eddie off of Motorhead. What can I say! It was 1983. Crossover dude! I love this song regardless. And my copy is a really cool picture disc with wolves and shit! Come on! Just me then?
Like I say. Sue me.

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Tank - He Fell In Love With a Stormtrooper
Tank - Blood Guts Beer

Do check out the live performance. It's off a kids TV show with an audience full of 11 year olds. It has some of the worst special effects in the history of special effects. The thunder and lightening (I kid you not) just has to be seen. All feels like it could fall apart at any second. I like my music like that. Keeps you on your toes.

New Model Army - Live Wembley 1990

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In a desperate bid to get hip and grab back 'the kids' The Brit Awards held a series of gigs at the Wembley Arena for 'Alternative' bands. The big names of the day Carter, Ride etc The Cure headlined. Also on the bill one evening were New Model Army. This recording was taped off a Radio 1 show covering the event. Nice bit of DJ cheese at the end. Short set but great stuff all the same. Justin starts to question the point of the event (we were in the middle of the first Gulf War).
Tracks: Vagabonds/Stupid Questions/Get Me Out/Green & Grey/I Love The World/
For more live N.M.A. pop over to Nuzz Prowling Wolf who has a couple of great live recordings posted.
New Model Army - Live Wembley 1990

On the subject of the Brit Awards. Probably the best Brit Award moment ever fromm 1992. KLF & Extreme Noise Terror perform 3 AM Eternal to a stunned audience. Bit grainy but the best I could find on You Tube & you certainly get the point. Especially when the guns come out & Mr Drummond starts to fire blanks into the audience. Priceless.

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Southern Death Cult - Futurama 4 Deeside 12.9.82

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Posting this for a few reasons. The excellent Kill Your Pet Puppy just posted a great live set, and Punk Is Hippies just posted all the old issues of the 'Punk Lives' magazine, with a lovely Southern Death Cult poster. Kill Your Pet Puppy and Punk Lives. The Yin & Yang of Punk Rock. I never once bought an issue of 'Punk Lives' but would hypocritically read every issue one of my mates bought.
Anyway, Southern Death Cult fronted by one Ian Astbury, follower of Crass & Poison Girls, house mate of Slade The Leveller & Joolz. Southern Death Cult spewed from the Bradford scene that gave us, Anti-System & New Model Army.
For a while it looked (to me at least) like the future of the underground had arrived. 'Positive Punk' the press tried to tag it. Lumpimg in, Southern Death Cult, UK Decay, Brigandage, The Mob, Sex Gang Children.... did'nt go quite the way I thought it would. But hey! Interesting times.

Southern Death Cult - Futurama 4 Deeside 12/9/82

Leatherface : Hit The North Session 4/12/1991

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Bit of a cock up when I posted this last time.Thanks to Daz & Evan for pointing out the deliberate mistake. Arggh! Apoligies to those that dowloaded last time. Let's try again. With a bit of a bonus!
Back when Radio 5 first started they played music as well as covering sport. This is where Mark & Lard, Mark Radcliffe & Marc Riley (ex Fall guitarist & solo artiste) first came to public attention with the excellent "Hit The North" show. Broadcast once a week on a Wednesday night, each show had a live band in an adjacent studio perform a few numbers.
This is the excellent Leatherface live session from 4/12/1991.

Not Superstitious
One To Say

Leatherface - Hit The North Session

If you dowloaded the last post you actually downloaded Dr. Phibes. There is a tragic tale...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Skindred - Rat Race

Crimpshrine - Quit Talkin' Claude E.P.

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7" released in 1989 on Lookout Records. Crimpshrine cut this EP when they returned from their only US tour with their new bass player Paul Curran. It's named after an East Bay scenester, "Claude" (real name Ben) was a mate of the band who had the reputation for frequently talking about obscure issues and who talked so much shit that his name became synonymous with it. He recently passed the bar exam.
The cover for Quit Talkin' Claude features a drawing of some punks leaning against a concrete structure. This structure, called "clob", was located in a swampy area of Benicia, California.
The drawing was made by artist Bobby Madness; an underground comic book artist of relative obscure who lives in Portland, OR. Bobby has been a featured artist in Cometbus magazine.
These songs were recorded by Kevin Army. Sounds like a really raw Operation Ivy.

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Crimpshrine - Quit Talkin' Claude

Friday, November 09, 2007

Crass - Holland Doc: There Is No Authority But Yourself

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Great documentary snippets of which have been flying round the net for a while. Link takes you to a You-Tube type site. Couple of seconds of nonsense then full documentary. Great stuff.

Crass - Holland Doc: There is no Authority But Yourself

Rudimentary Peni : Pope Adrian 37th Psychristiatric

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Not the most accessible of the Rudimentary Peni LP's which is i'm posting it. Plus it's out of print. Worth persevering with. Once you get past the constant babbling in the background. Which is known to drive some listeners permanently round the bend. This should be played in lifts & supermarkets to induce even more claustrophobia, agrophobia, paranoia and lots of other conditions ending in 'ia'.
Forget Dido and play this at your next dinner party. Amaze and amuse your guests.

Rudimentary Peni - Pope Adrian 37th Psychristiatric

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

NOFX : 7 Inch of the Month Club 01 - February 2005

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Ain't updated or commented for a while due to a few technical hitches you know how it is.
Anyway, went to see NOFX in Bristol last night. I love NOFX live, the crowd banter, insults and general mayhem is always top notch. Last night they played the whole of 'The Decline' which running in at 18 minutes is no mean feat and they still kept the crowd with them. Maddest crowd i've seen in a while as it goes.
On an aside has anyone else noticed that since the smoking ban, gigs just stink of farts? Unbearable. I smoked for nearly seventeen years & gave up five years ago. Last night was rank. It stunk in there. I'd rather stink of stale tobacco any day.
Anyways, this is Number 1 of the '7 Inch of the Month Club' which NOFX ran back in 2005.

NOFX - Insulted By Germans (Again)
NOFX - Fanmail