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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A short but of course compelling interview with the man behind the kit, Decca Wade of Angelic Upstarts, Crashed Out, Waysted and general nutter fame. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

1)What was the first record you owned and was becoming a musician a conscious choice or something that just happened?
 The 1st album i bought was Led Zepplin II American import and as for becoming a musician it was a choice.
2)Did you become a drummer because you felt an affinity for it, or did you just like smashing things?  I think it was something I was born to do something that was inside me as from an early age I used to pick up things like my mothers knitting needles and bang on pots and pans, tins anything that would make a noise.
3) What was your introduction to punk?
I went to see The Clash with Mensi
4) How did you and Mensi meet?
We have known each other since we were 3 or 4 years old...our parents knew each other and we used to play together in the street.
5) You were in and out of the Upstarts several times, by my reckoning. Was it because of musical changes, lifestyles,he usual interband conflicts,  personalities or all of the above?
A bit of everything you mentioned.
6) What was the early punk scene in the Northeast like?
Pretty much like everywhere else at the time I wanted something for themselves and punk answered that need.
7) Can you talk a bit about the recording and story behind the "Liddle Towers" single?
It's a true story and probably I would need to sit down face to face for us to cover it for the recording we had been playing that song for awhile and we all put in 25 pounds and went into the studio to record it for our first single.
8) Did you see punk as a lifestyle, a fashion statement, a musical statement or all three?
Punk was a movement, never a fasion. It was about taking the disillusionment of a generation who were being ignored and overlooked and giving them an identity, hence the clothes were to set us aside as individuals and the music to voice our opinions!
9) What's the script behind your solo single "If if wasn't for Rita" and are we ever going to get a follow up?
No real script behind it! Although, it was considered for the film "Educating Rita" which I talk about in my book. As for a follow up, I guess thirty years down the line "Dance with the Devil" by my new band Moscow Mules would have to be my next offering, lol!

10) You also drummed with Waysted-what was that like?
Great fun while it lasted!
11) What is the Decca Wade daily routine? Beauty tips for middle aged punks like us?
Hahahaha! A few years ago it would have been to get dressed and in the pub as soon as possible, spend the entire day there and stagger home to be repeated the following day. But now I'm a good little Wade, have met my missus Carolyn and lead a more settled life. So it's up in the morning, out for a bike ride, breakfast, followed by whatever work needs to be done, i.e. rehearsals, writing and of course networking. This pretty much goes on all day, then I spend the evening either in front of the tv or we have the odd night out.(So for beauty tips I'll just say that Decca probably endorses Celtics FC Tops and smoking as many cigarettes as humanly possible-Sascha).
12) If you were trapped on a desert island with Max Splodge and Mensi, who would you eat first and why?

Would have to be Mensi because there is MORE of him. Besides, Max would keep my spirits up with his wacky humor.
13) Fave bands and drummers?
The Who - Keith Moon, Led Zepplin - John Bonham, Cream - Ginger Baker, Rainbow - Cozy Powell (Hence my tribute Dance with the Devil), and last but not least Deep Purple - Ian Paice.
14) Sam Fox or Linda Lusardi?
Neither of them. But I like Christina Aguilera and Lindsey Lohan. The latter has canny drugs I'm told!

Sorry it took so long mate, thanks for your patience best wishes to all in the USA cheers mate Decca x
Martin Dean took the photo of the Upstarts (circa 1981) the other two were taken from Decca's FB account.


Blogger Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

An enjoyable, entertaining read. Keep on Keeping on, there are people out there.

5:42 PM  
Blogger Sascha said...

Thanks Nuzz. I been away too long. I hope to have a few tricks and treats for you all in '13!

1:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude, great interview but you could of asked Decca more about the "if it wasn't for rita" single, would love to know more about the story behind that little gem.

12:47 AM  

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