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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Face To Face

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Love this video. "The New Way" by Face To Face, who have sadly split up. This Video was (as you can see) ripped from the very much missed P Rock, which was on constantly in the background here at Punks On Postcards towers during it's time(around a year) on air. Bad Religion to Uncle Brian, sorely missed, no other crappy music channel has ever come close.

The track for today is "Blind" by Face To Face, from their self titled LP from 1998. This has one of my favourite intros to a song ever and never fails to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.
Face To Face - Blind

Monday, November 27, 2006

Sofa Head

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Sofahead existed properly from 1987 till around 1994, emerging out of the defunkt DAN. They did quite a lot of gigs with bands like Snuff, Leatherface, Wat Tyler, Drive, Jailcell Recipes and also had a couple of Peel sessions. After 3 'Dan' albums and 3 'Sofahead' albums, ('Pre-Marital Yodelling (1127 Walnut Ave)'. 'What a Predicament' & 'Acres of Geeses' Wal and Ian apparently "ran out of ideas" and the band split. They've recently started giging again including Wasted 2004 & are also booked for next years "Rebellion" Blackpool festival. Boss Tuneage have released the first two albums on one CD, remastered by Britt from Assert. These two tracks come from the charmingly titled Twat! EP. "Father's Day" I remember hearing on a Peel show and it sounds just as good now as it did then. Click logo to go to their MySpace & Claire's picture to go to her page.
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Sofa Head - Father's Day
Sofa Head - One Foot On The Ladder

Soul Side

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Soul Side were one of the bands at the forefront of the whole 1980s D.C. punk scene alongside the likes of Fugazi and King Face. Featuring Alexis Fleisig drums, Bobby Sullivan vocals, Scott McCloud guitar & Johnny Temple bass.
When the band disolved Fleisig, McCloud & Temple (along with Soul Side's producer, Eli Janney) turned their other project, Girls Against Boys, into a full-time band and packed up and moved to New York. Bobby Sullivan went on to join a number of bands, including Seven League Boots, Rain Like the Sound of Trains, and the Sevens.
This 7 inch was recorded in September 1988 at Inner Ear Studios Produced by Eli Janney
(track #3 was recorded live at 9:30 Club)
Good stuff.

Soul Side - Bass
Soul Side - Other Side
Soul Side - 103

Sunday, November 26, 2006

New Bomb Turks

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From Colombus Ohio, The New Bomb Turks were part of an early 90's midwestern garage revival that included bands such as the Devil Dogs and Gaunt.
Released on the now defunct Seattle punk label bag of hammers in 1993. Brilliant garage/punk rock'n'roll 7" single. They were apparently named after a character (Newbaum Turk) in 1980's film "Hollywood Knights," played by Robert Wuhl.??..
Track down "Destroy Oh Boy" their 1993 debut LP on Crypt Records. Essential. Used to cover "I Hate People" by Anti Nowhere League live which was very entertaining.

New Bomb Turks - Sharpen Up Time
New Bomb Turks - Laissez Faire Stare

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Poison Idea : Punish Me

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Great 7 inch from 1991 on American Leather Records, came off the classic "Blank, Blackout, Vacant" which along with "Feel The Darkness" is in my opinion their finest work. Click the cover for a band history from Kill From The Heart. Guitarist Pig Champion passed away last year.You gotta check out the video.

Poison Idea - Punish Me
Poison Idea - Mario The Cop

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Trench Fever : Saturday Night Sunday Morning

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Four track E.P. on "Hedgehog's Revenge" Records by five piece outfit Trench Fever in 1990. Similar sort of vain to other U.K. acts of the time like Snuff & Leatherface.
Drums: Jason Cook, Vocals: Neil Singleton, Lead: Paul "The Pig" Lyne, Guitar: Dave Soph, Bass: Paul Condon. Paul "The Pig" Lyne later went on to join The Blaggers for a while. Solid E.P.
Trench Fever - Hole In The Head
Trench Fever - The Old
Trench Fever - Price To Pay
Trench Fever - Goik

Monday, November 20, 2006


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Just got back from seeing these blokes in Bristol. What a fine band they are live as well. Even a couple of Operation Ivy songs thrown in. Class. I'm not going to post any tracks cos if you go
Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, & Here,
You can make a pretty good 28 Track best of Rancid Album featuring the following tracks, Rejected, Whirlwind, Sidekick, Salvation, 11th Hour, Junkie Man, Black Lung, Something In The Way, It's Quite Alright, Reconcilliation, Fall Back Down, Dave Courtney, Let Me Go, Dead Bodies, Blood Clot, The Wolf, Maxwell Murder, Olympia WA, Nihilism, Dope Sick Girl, Hyena, Trenches, Roots Radicals, Time Bomb, Ruby Soho, If The Kids Are United, Rats In The Hallway & 1998.
That's a bloody good gig if you ask me. Hey, download the picture there's your CD cover, bish bosh! Instant greatest hits.
I first saw them live some time in the early nineties (back when the only place Lars had Skunx written was on the back of his leather) at the time me and me mate used to run a stall at gigs selling Punk & Hardcore records. Lars & Tim came & had a look at the stall & Lars bought this UK Subs 12" (Sabre Dance I think). My mate has PUNX tattooed on his knuckles & has since about 1982, Rancid's i'm sure appeared later. Just sayin.....

You can also download some Lars & the Bastards Tracks Here, & Here, & Here.
Two MP3's from Tim Armstong's solo album Here.
Or go to the rather good Operation Ivy.Com, for loads of Op Ivy bootlegs, live shows & cover versions of Op Ivy songs.
The folks at Lookout records have 2 Op Ivy tracks Here. along with loads of other free stuff.
That should keep you busy, go on bugger off.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


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As promised during my Instigators post here's a couple of tracks from Sink. These come from the "Old Man Snake And The Fat Black Pig" 12" which came out on Decoy Records in 1990. Formed by Ed Shred, former guitarist with The Stupids, Sink released some fine records during the mid eighties to early nineties. Got a real DC sound to it this, a la Fugazi or King Face. After Sink split Shred formed Choclate & Yardman, still playing with the fine K Line. Click the Decoy button to find the complete discography of Sink on Decoy Records.
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Sink - Mr. Passion
Sink - Angel Turns Blue

The Vibes

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Tesco over at Blank Forever, was off on a rant the other day about this neo Psychobilly scene thats sprung up. Which got me thinking about how much I liked some of those early Billy bands. Particular faves were The Stingrays (who i'll post soon) & The Vibes. These two tracks come from their "What's Inside?" album from 1986 on Chainsaw Records. Garage Punk, BIG flat tops, lets wreck!

The Vibes - Inside Out (See All)
The Vibes - Ballad Of J.D.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Angelic Upstarts

Angelic Upstarts filmed for Top Of The Pops in 1979, doing "Teenage Warning". Nice mohair jumper Mensi. Could easily have won "The Most Demented Looking Man On TV Award" for this performance. This is a bit of a gratuitous post as I just gotta post "Shotgun Solution" the B side of The 1980 Warner Bros 7" release "Out Of Control". Why? Because it's a fantastic record, with some of the best swearing ever committed to vinyl.
There is an excellent article at Punk 77 along with some other great interviews, articles & scans, always worth a visit. Top track this one, apparently Mensi has just retired as singer. Shame that. Click on Mensi's ugly mug to go to their official web-site. Ding Dong.
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Angelic Upstarts - Shotgun Solution

Saturday, November 11, 2006

D.O.A. : War On 45

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Real classics for you today from the legends that are D.O.A. Depending on which side of the pond you lived on you got one or other of these covers. I've always rathered the UK cover (above) but the US track list. How could they leave off Liar For Hire? All the tracks are now available on the CD issue of "Bloodied but Unbowed". Seen these guys several times & Joey has always been a true gent. Go buy everything they've ever done now. And Joey's book. Well go on.
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DOA - Liar For Hire
DOA - America The Beautiful

Steve Ignorant

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Like my Ian Mackaye post, here's my obligatory Crass/Steve Ignorant post. Crass were (still are) such a massive influence. I first heard them when my older cousin "Sid" Ryan said I might like them cos they sounded a bit like Sham 69 (I was a massive Sham fan at the time who were at their peak). Banned From the Roxy, too Punk for a Punk club!I Loved them. I used to draw that snake logo everywhere. This is the original "Rival Tribal" which came as a free flexi with Toxic Graffity zine.
After Crass Steve joined Conflict, then formed Schwartzeneggar (sic) which was a short-lived collaboration with members of Thatcher On Acid that playdout itself out over three years in the early 90's. The post is their first 7 inch from 1992 on Rugger Bugger. Steve later formed The Stratford Mercenaries.
He is also a sculptor & a Punch and Judy performer using the name Professor Ignorant. I would so love him to do my kids party. Top bloke go listen.

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Crass - Rival Tribal, Rebel Revel

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Schwartzeneggar - Goodbye To All That
Schwartzeneggar - Child Of The Times

Action Pact/Dead Mans Shadow: Heathrow Touchdown

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Nice split 7 inch which came out in 1981 on Subversive Records featuring Stanwell's finest, Acion Pact & Dead Man's Shadow. Nihilism On The Prowl has some nice stuff on Action Pact. Click George below to go see.
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Action Pact - London Bouncers
Action Pact - All Purpose Action Footwear
Dead Man's Shadow - Danger UXB
Dead Man's Shadow - Police Force

Friday, November 10, 2006

The Instigators

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Yeah I know another Yorkshire band, i'm spoiling you I know. This time it's The Instigators from Leeds. Originally they were signed to The Subhumans Blurrg label. Back in the mid 80s, they released several critically acclaimed albums, shifted thousands of units and toured all over the world. Quite big in Germany. Great live band, tons of energy used to look like three Zebedees jumping all over the place. Click on the poster below to go to their myspace fan page which has a few more downloads from their early Anarcho days, I urge you to download them while they are there, belting stuff. Supported by Sink on the poster another good mid eighties early nineties outfit,who I intend to post soon. Tracks are from "The Recovery Sessions" CD, good stuff.
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Instigators - Rules
Instigators - Hedonism

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Anti-System : Defence Of The Realm E.P.

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Getting a bit Yorkshire-centric on here lately, the last three bands all coming from the county. Another Yorkshire band for you, Anti-System from Bradford. Good solid Anarcho Punk this,their debut release from 1983 'Defence of the Realm' EP.
I had a mate called Nipper who had all of the poem "Service" painted on the back of his leather. He got nicked by the Old Bill for having "What is this Fuckin' war about" on the bottom of said garment & was told he would get nicked again & charged with obscenity or some bollocks if ever seen walking around offending the population of Buckinghamshire in such a manner again. Twats. He painted over the Fuckin'.

In Defence of the Realm (EP, Pax Records, 1983)
No Laughing Matter (LP, Reconcile, 1985)
A Look at Life (12", Reconcile, 1986)
Live At Sheffield Marples LP - Unreleased (Recorded at the same gig as the legendary LP by the Mau Maus)
Split 7" w/MORBID HUMOUR (Reconcile, 1986)

Punk Dead? Nah Mate, The Smell is Jus Summink in Yer Underpants Innit (Pax Records, 1982)
Man's World, Aftermath
Bollox to the Gonads - Here's the Testicles (Pax Records, 1984)
Schoolboy, Why Should it Happen

Anti-System - Animal Welfare
Anti-System - No Longer To Choose
Anti-System - Service
Anti-System - 1000 Rifles
Anti-System - Government Lies
Anti-System - Bomb Threat

Saturday, November 04, 2006

New Model Army

Robert Heaton
06.07.61 - 04.11.04
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It's two years today since New Model Army drummer Rob Heaton died. New Model Army were the only band I would actively follow around in my younger days, and are probably for me the best live act i've ever seen. Rob in particular was a personal hero & I would copy his hair & clothes, though never quite managed to drum like him (some bloody chance). The clip below was from the Tube & I would repeatedly watch it on the VHS I'd taped, it was a personal epiphany. Thank you Rob.

New Model Army - Smalltown England (Live)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Vice Squad

Bristol Punks Vice Squad performing Last Rockers back in 82. Quality.

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Bonus my second favourite Vice Squad song. I think I first heard this on "Avon Calling" a Cherry Red comp of Bristol bands & was probably one of the first Vice Squad tracks I had on vinyl. First loves & all that.
Vice Squad - Nothing

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Red Flag 77

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Red Flag 77 Ipswich Punk band formed in 1990. After a few gigs they made their first recording debut on the 'Punk's not dread' compilation. They then saw a few line-up changes before the next release, a split EP with PMT on Wierd Records.They have had numerous 7" singles, compilation tracks and their 20 track debut album 'A short cut to a better world' released. RED FLAG 77 are gigging regularly, and outside England they have played successful shows in France, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany.
The bands line-up is now:

Red Flag 77 - Lipstick
Red Flag 77 - How Low

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TV Smiths Cheap : Third Term

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T.V. Smith, after fronting The Adverts & T.V. Smith's Explorers during the 70's & early 80's gigged with his next band Cheap through the mid to late 80's. In 1990 they released the single "Third Term" after the Tory party got in for the third consecutive election. An album was recorded & released retrospectively in the late 1990's.
T.V. Smith next went solo and continues as solo artist today. His latest album "Misinformation Overload" was released in Germany in February 2006. It is also planned to be released in the U.K., Spain and Japan.

TV Smith - Third Term
TV Smith - Buried By The Machine

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