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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Revenge Of The Killer Pussies

A killer of a compilation ... probably my favourite one of the serie. You'll be surprised by the variety of styles and even if you're usually reluctant to the Psychobillly genre you should give it a try!!! Sound quality is OK but this is an old coloured vinyl (blood splattered alike) so don't complain.... strangely enough this serie of 4 albums have never been reissued on CD yet. There's only a Best Of available. And don't forget: You don't need to wear a quiff to dig it !

VA- Revenge Of The Killer Pussies

Monday, December 22, 2008

Religious As Hell

Brilliant compilation from 1986. Should please John Liedown as the Butcher deliver another classic !

Side One: Killroy - Red Alert; Paranoia - Graveyards Of Hell; External Menace - Coalition Blues; Animal Farm - So Sad; Xtract - Lies; Freshly - Fry; Expelled - Cider.
Side Two: Riot Squad - Ten Years Time; Butcher - Leave Alive; Rattus - Will Evil Win?; Varukers - Thatchers Fortress; Resistance 77 - Banned From The Welfare; Enemy - Running Blind; Cult Maniax - Cities.

Religious As Hell

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Terminus - Going Nowhere Fast LP

This one remained in internet's limbo for months waiting to be posted. Great album released On Words Of Warning in 1990.

Side 1: Propaganda War, Starving Nations, Bending The Rules, Bring Out Your Dead, Collaborators, Terror Is The Best Of Guards, Body Count.

Side 2: The Severed Head, You Want Me dead, Terraces To The Trenches, Hey Little Girl, Opium For The People, Going Nowhere Fast, Free To Be Slaves.


Afflicted - I'm Afflicted/Be Aware

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If you've been over to Nuclear Farmed Fuck Frogs recently, you may have noticed that Bernard has posted an old BBC 2 doc, 'Skinheads' where a film crew follow around Combat 84. The programme culminates in a bloody big ruck, in a club in Harlow. Now in one of the scenes an erstwhile Scots Skin is buffing up his Marten's while this single drops on the turntable. Afflicted - I'm Afflicted. Cracking little tune it is as well. Afflicted (later re-tagged Afflicted Man) was the brainchild of one Steve Hall, who would later front The Accursed.

I'm Afflicted/Be Aware

Afflicted - I'm Afflicted/Be Aware

Flyscreen - Size Five Leather

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Thought this might appeal to Longy, over at the excellent Punk Friction blog. Four track E.P. from one of Newport's finest exports Flyscreen. Produced by Novacaine's guitarist Richard Jackson. We have four cracking tracks of round ball related type tunes. Longy will probably prefer track 1. While i'm keener on track four.
If your not a football fan, don't be put off. it's a great E.P.
Click covers for official sites.

Stamford Bridge/Carl Zeiss Jena/Your Phil Neal For My Willie Johnstone/Charlie George On Super 8

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Flyscreen - Size Five Leather

Saturday, December 06, 2008

New Model Army - Wonderful Way To Go

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Now, the lovely Bernard, from the blog that is Nuclear Farmed Fuck Frogs pointed me in the direction of a blog called Symphony Of Ghosts the other day, which has no less than 48 New Model Army bootlegs posted and is well worth a visit. some very good stuff up there. So I thought we'd have this double CD release from 1998.

Favourite lyric from this release is from the track 'F#NY'

Somehow you survived/well I don't know how/and you still burn the same/maybe a little slower now/You remember the winter of 79/and going down in the rain/to the Royal Standard/to watch the Ruts play?

Always brings a smile to my face that.

CD 1
Wonderful Way To Go/Refugee/South West/Wonderful Way To Go (Radio Edit)
CD 2
Wonderful Way To Go/F#NY(Live)/BD7(Live)/The Ballad Of Bodmin Pill(Live)

New Model Army - Wonderful Way To Go

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thee Mighty Caesars - Wise Blood

Posted that one on TwilightZone a while back... since the blog went through some troubles and the link being still active I decided to re-post it on Punks On Postcards..... excellent Garage/Punk stuff....

Wise Blood

Monday, December 01, 2008

The Vibes - I Hear Noises 7"

Suffering from a little hangover...... and when I close my eyes.... I hear noises and see huge pink elephants with quiffs doing the chicken dance!!!! I'm mad, most probably!

1. I Hear Noises
2. I'm Mad

I Hear Noises