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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Anhrefn - Clutter From The Gutter

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Nearly didn't post this when I saw Pogel at Rare Punk did a big Anhrefn post in May. But what the hell. Anhrefn, Punk Welsh Language legends & John Peel favourites team up with Liverpudlian actress Margi Clarke. (Letter to Brezhnev anyone? 1985?..No?) Shouldn't work but does, with Clarke coming on like a Scouse Eve Libertine.
Artwork & additional lyrics by none other than Jamie Reid of Sex Pistols sleeves fame, the man who put the safety pin through the Queen's nose.
Anhrefn were a great band in their own right. So check out the Anhrefn my-space and download some more Welsh language songs. Di iawn.

Anhrefn - Clutter From The Gutter
Anhrefn - Croeso I Gymru

At their live best.


Anonymous zxunami said...

great blog, tkx.

4:17 PM  
Blogger John Liedown said...

glad you like it zxunami

10:09 PM  
Blogger Pogel said...

Thanks John. These blogs do inspire you to post stuff you may not think others like. eg Cactus Mouth Informer listed an interview with Turkey Bones and the Wild Dogs. I'm going to post some of their vinyl.

3:05 AM  
Anonymous mick mada said...

Margi Clarke aka Margox was heavily involved in the Liverpool punk scene from 76 onwards, often seen by my good self with her blue hair & kettle (handbag) on the train from Kirkby. her & brother Frank (writer of Breshnev) had something to do with running the Swinging Apple a punk club a lot heavier/ scummier/ more right wing than the far more famous Erics club.
By the way Margi was living with Jamie Reid for a while, they run away to live in Paris about 78/79 before Margi re-invented herself as a 'professional scouser' for tv.
Tony Wilson (Factory records)gave her her first tv break

10:35 AM  

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