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Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Fits

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The Fits - Man At Dawn

"Layton's finest - the band's logo spray painted in distinctive hand-writing on road signs and various street furniture across the Fylde coast in the late 70's and early 80's was a welcomed part of the Blackpool urban scenery. Consisting of Mick Crudge - vocals, Steve Withers - guitar. Debut lp on Rondolet "You're Nothing You're Nowhere".
Mick cut quite an imposing figure to us then younger folk, and was approachable and supportive of the younger bands on the Blackpool scene at the time - he sorted out Index XI's first gig at Jenx ironically as a result of an animated and impromptu conversation with an elderly lady who approached us objecting to "Anarchy in the UK" being sprawled across Mick's leather jacket. The substance of the conversation being that the statement was a reaction to the oppressive normality of the day and lack of creative outlets for local bands - obviously impressed with this articulate and somewhat unexpected response the elderly lady said she would approach the Salvation Army to stage local gigs. The next time I saw Mick he was playing a gig at the Salvation Army with Tunnel Vision - enough said. Band moved down to London and after a few line up changes split in the mid 80's. Mick released some material under the name Kingfisher Davis in the mid 90's."
(taken from Blackpool Rox - issue 8 Aug 2005)
This post comes from the aforementioned "You're Nothing You're Nowhere" their only L.P. release.
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Later signed to Crass subsiduary Chorpus Christi for one single, the epic "Tears of a Nation". Eventually ended up on the Peter & The Test Tube Babies ran Trapper records, releasing the classic "Peace & Quiet" on a split 12" with The Test Tube Babies. The band are criminally overlooked to my mind, one of my favourite all time LP's being "Your'e Nothing, Your Nowhere". Think Rondelet stable mates Anti-Pasti with a sense of humour & snottier vocals and your getting close.
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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Dub War

Hailing from Newport Gwent, Dub War were a genre spanning, multi cultural, Punk Rock, Hip Hop, Ragga, Thrash band (formed 1993) feat; Benji Webbe (voc), Jeff Rose (gtr), Richie Glover (bass), Ginger Ford (drms). 1st released on Words Of Warning records before signing to Earache who released No.1 LP in Indie Charts ‘Pain.’ where this post comes from. Split up Jan 98, but have reformed with new bass player as the equally good “Skindred" who recently toured with Soulfly.

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Dub War - Strike It

Sunday, February 12, 2006

U.K. Subs

U.K. Subs (short for United Kingdom Subversives) formed in London in 1977 by Charlie Harper, a hairdresser from Brixton. Harper was a veteran of the R&B pub circuit and like Joe Strummer was blown away by the energy of the likes of the Sex Pistols.
One of my favorite Subs anecdotes comes from the Crass biography on their web-site.

"Throughout the long, lonely winter of 77/78 we played regular gigs at The White Lion, Putney with the UK Subs. The audience consisted mostly of us when the Subs played and the Subs when we played. Sometimes it was disheartening, but usually it was fun. Charley Harper's indefatigable enthusiasm was always an inspiration when times got bleak, his absolute belief in punk as a peoples' music had more to do with revolution than McClaren and his cronies could ever have dreamt of."
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And so he has continued throughout his musical career. Still touring today with what must be the thousandth line up. At one point he even had two incarnations of the Subs, one in the U.K. and one in the States.

U.K. Subs - The Same Thing

Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Clash Punk History Calling

South Wales Argus Friday, February 10th 2006

Newportonians with cine-film of their city as it was in the 1970's are being asked to help in the making of a film about rock legend Joe Strummer.
"We are looking for any footage from 30-plus years ago, when Joe Strummer was starting off his career in Newport." researcher Sam Dwyer said.
"Anything with Joe himself in it would be a big plus."
Image Hosted by Joe Strummer, whose real name was Graham Mellor, died in December 2002 of a heart attack at the age of 50, having been with his band, The Clash, one of the architects of the Punk Rock movement.
For a couple of years in the mid-70's the iconic rocker lived in Newport. The story is that he hitched a ride at the Hammersmith flyover & asked where the driver was going. When he said "Newport", Strummer replied, "that will do" & made the town his home.
"All the elements that were later to make up the work of Joe Strummer, one of rock's greatest legends, were put in place in Newport," said Ms Dwyer of London-based Nitrate film.
"He moved into a student house in Pentonville Newport and got a job as a grave digger at St. Woolos cemetery, as well as cutting grass for the council in the Malpas area. He was deeply involved in the music scene centering on Newport Art college, where he started a band called the vultures.
"Joe was featured in a 10 minute clip of film made in 1973 by a student called Gillian Calvert, which has since gone missing."
Nitrate is making a feature film for the cinema, which will eventually be televised and put on DVD. Any film of Newport from that period will be useful, said Ms. Dwyer.
Richard Frame, now director of Solas, the Newport based charity for the single homeless, shared a house with Strummer.
"Our City is vital in the development of the man and his music," he said. "I shot some film of a pantomime in 1973 and it is possible that Joe Strummer is in it."
*Sam Dwyer can be contacted on

Mike Buckingham

Love that last bit, Strummer as Widow Twanky.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Gwent Punk Rock

The first three posts are all from Welsh bands & all from the county of Gwent. All three bands are no longer active. If you never saw any of these bands live you missed a treat, but I still urge you to check out said back catalouges or in some cases current output.

Right click, keep up, you know the moves.

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Cowboy killers - Tea Time At TJ's

Cowboy Killers, a Punk band from Newport Gwent, formed (1987), feat; Dean Beddis (voc) (also Las Vegas Elvis), Gary Bush (gtr) (also of Fenella Fielding), Wil Casker (bass), Pug Brewer (gtr) (ex Heretics), Kip-Xool (Ed Fleming) (drms) (ex Heretics, later In The Shit.) Releases included Koyaanisqatsi, Press And Run Like Hell, Thankyou, Fuckyou and Goodnight & Dai Laughing. Song posted is a tribute to the Legendary venue TJ's in Newport they played so often. Famously covered Deeply Dippy by Right Said Fred which I may post soon.

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Novocaine - Frustration No. 10

Novocaine, (known as Novocaine NP9 in the States, NP9 being the post code for Newport) formed in Tredegar, Gwent during 1994 by Steve Evans (voc) (Later of Vel-Tone) & Richard Jackson (gtr) (both ex Dog Quarry), later joined by Russell Edwards (bass) & Bert Lewis (drms). Shortly after getting together they had a one off single deal with Liberty Place Recs releasing 'Modern Man/Brain' (LP004). A year later a 2nd single 'Tension/Daddy's Money' was rel on Townhill Recs (TIDY 002), this led to a deal with Fire Recs who released two L.P.'s 'Frustration No. 10' & 'Nervous Disposition'along with several singles.
After Richard left in 1999 the remaining members went on to form Vel-Tone releasing 'Underneath Beautiful Skin' again on Fire in 2000 before splitting.

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Rectify - Washing Shopping

Mid 80's to 2000 Hardcore Punk band from Blaina, Gwent feat; Pig (voc) (now This System Kills) & Wedge (drums) (later of “Four Letter Word") & Mudgey (formerly of Classified Protest & Political Reform) Split up in 2000, released several split offerings over the years for “Words Of Warning”, “Profane Existance", “Blown To Bits”, “Blackfish”, “Suspect Device”, “Inflammable Material ”, “ Squat Or Rot”, “Pop Noise”. Played regular local support slots including Mad Ball, Agnostic Front, Pitchshifter and “U.K. Subs", as well as being stalwarts nationally on the underground D.I.Y. Punk circuits and Punks Picnic's. Did 5 European tours, having played in Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, France, Holland and Switzerland with Chaos U.K., Kontempt & Kuru among others. Released several split 7"s with the likes of “External Menace", as well as self released stuff on Taffcore (available only from the band through gigs or zines) like the blistering cassette only release 'Ebulliton' of the early 90's to the later Man Made, where this post comes from.