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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

V/A NO RULES LP (1986)

A bit odd this one mixing Punk, Batcave/Gothic, Post Punk (or whatever the label is) ....
Bought this record because of Cult Maniax at the time.... "Poison Pen Letter" and the incendiary "No Rules" have always been my favourites on this LP....

Side A: Cult Maniax - Time Bomb City; Sex Gang Children - Shout & Scream; The Destructors -Duty Unto Death; Blitzkrieg - No Compromise; The Destructors - Khmer Rouge; Cult Maniax - Cold love; Leather Nun - No Rules

Side B: Cult Maniax - City Brave; Blitzkrieg - Conscience Prayer; The Destructors - Religion; Sex Gang Children - Time Of Our Lives; The Destructors - Electronic Church; Cult Maniax - Poison Pen Letter; Leather Nun - Slow Death