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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

One Way System : Stab The Judge E.P.

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Classic first E.P. from Fleetwood's (near Blackpool) One Way System. Released on "Nagging Barry Lights" Beat The System label, who released stuff later by The Fits & External Menace. Brilliant E.P. Stab the Judge (though quite often not this version) is a recognised 82 classic, but the gem for me is "Riot Torn City". You know you want to.

One Way System - Stab The Judge
One Way System - Riot Torn City
One Way System - Me & You

Department S - I Want

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Released on Stiff Records in 1981 this was Department S third single, like what it says on the label. Originally formed as a two-tone type band, Guns For Hire, for 1 single, before morphing into Department S. A band who should have been at least as big as The Jam or The Specials their nearest Punk influenced peers and musical reference point. Always put me in mind of a Cockney The Fall as well. Three singles was it, before it all imploded. An LP was retrospectively released in 1993, two years after singer Vaughn Toulouse unfortunately died of an aids related illness in 1991. Prior to the band forming, he had been one of the early Clash roadies. Deserve to be heard this lot.

Department S - I Want
Department S - Monte Carlo Or Bust

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Barracudas : His Last Summer

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I bring you this my friends for a number of reasons. Primarily because I bought it from a charity shop for 50p on Saturday.... But! But! Also because it's fantastic. And it is. I'm also now sick to death of Winter & need a bit of Summer in me life. Barracudas equal parts Ramones & The Clash, Punk Net 77 will give you a much clearer idea of what Barracudas are all about. Click the sleeve daddyio. I can't say Back a ruder.

Barracudas - His Last Summer
Barracudas - Barracuda Waver
Barracudas - Surfers Are Back

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Lunatic Fringe : Who's In Control? E.P.

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Bristol Punks, Lunatic Fringe, Resurrection Records 1982. Mates of Vice Squad, Chaos UK, Disorder & other Bristol low life. Fronted by Bear fanzine writer, surfer & general reprobate. Once saw them supporting Disorder, when Cardiff Skins played up all night, battering punks at will. Fun times. Enjoy.

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Lunatic Fringe - Who's In Control
Lunatic Fringe - Mail Order Rebels
Lunatic Fringe - Bristol Buses

The System : The Warfare E.P.

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The System were one of the best Anarcho bands out there back then. Signed to Flux's Spiderleg Label & mates with Crass but they released some storming Punk Rock singles.
Two 7 inches & an appearance on the Wargasm compilation LP put out by Pax records was sadly it before they split. You can buy a discog CD now apparently, clicking on the sleeves will take you to Overground Records who also have a write up on the band.

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The System - Dogs Of War
The System - Their Corrupting Ways
The System - Nervous Breakdown

Soldier Dolls : What Do They Know

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Soldier Dolls remain one of the more internationally obscure of the Welsh punk bands from the early Eighties, probably because they only played outside of Wales once – and that was their final show! The Soldier Dolls formed in 1981(after a short period under the unfortunate moniker of Animation), and played their first show in September of 1982 – a show they actually gatecrashed rather than were invited to play at. This seemed something of a trademark for the band, seeing as decent
gigs were few and far between at the time.
In 1984, the Soldier Dolls self-released their debut EP, ‘What Do They Know?’, on their very own Scream Records, the label being ran by guitarist DKA. A three-song affair, featuring the tracks ‘Gotham City Is Dead’ and ‘Be Like You’ alongside the anthemic title track, it showcased the band’s high-speed gruff-vocal approach to decent effect.
Buy this book. Watch this video.

Soldier Dolls - Gotham City's Dead
Soldier Dolls - Be Like You
Soldier Dolls - What Do They Know

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Wall : Rememberance

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I love this band. Released in 1981 during their Polydor records period. Despite constant line up changes they always released great records. Click the sleeve to read band biography from the Modpoppunkarchives site. Download a few MP3's while your there. Vive Le Rock.

The Wall - Rememberance
The Wall - Hsi Nao
The Wall - Hooligan Nights

Friday, January 26, 2007

Skeptix : Routine Machine

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Nice shoutty single released on Zenon records in 1981. Click front sleeve to go to official website with more downloads and some nice cover scans and the rear sleeve to go to the always excellent UK82 page. Recently came across one of these on E-Bay i'll let the seller explain: (his caps not mine)


Mmm... Ok!! Just download the songs. You need this.

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Skeptix - Routine Machine
Skeptix - Curfew

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Crass : Bullshit Detector

Genuine letter I had back from Crass after sending off a tape for Bullshit Detector.
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We thought we were at least as good as Discharge. Nice badge though. Thanks Eve Bloody Libertine for making sure I would never be the next Joe Strummer. I sold my strat for cider & it's all your fault. Ish.

Flux Of Pink Indians : Live In Aberdare, 1984

Here's the Flux handouts from the same gig. Nice mention for Stop The City in this one. Click to enlarge.
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Make of these what you will, but at least people were trying to communicate.
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This is what you want, this is what you get.
More repeats.

Flux Of Pink Indians in their other guise as The Epileptics with Penny Rimbaud of Crass on drums.

The Epileptics - Hitler's Still A Nazi
The Epileptics - 1970's Were Made In Hong Kong

Crass : Live In Aberdare, 1984

Below is a flyer from the Last Crass gig, a benefit for striking miners in 1984. It was handed to me by Eve Libertine at the gig. Click to enlarge. I've recently finished reading the Crass story which is a great read. Steve in particular comes over as such a genuine bloke. There's a great bit about The Business coming over to Dial House to talk about lyrics, & Steve having to share his two cans of lager with them, either that or herbal tea.
Red it, you should.
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If your interested you can download the gig @
This is a link i've stolen from somewhere. It's a Crass bootleg, so the quality aint great but it's worth having.

Or just download this classic flexi. Come on then!!!

Crass - Rival Tribal, Rebel Revel

Monday, January 22, 2007

Conflict : The Serenade Is Dead

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Great Conflict single released in 1984, which actually dented the charts at the time. Still doing the business now. THINK! Ok I will.

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Conflict - The Serenade Is Dead
Conflict - The Positive Junk
Conflict - The System Maintains

News From The Front

A sporadic feature, where when our "war Reporter" Peroxide can be bothered to get off her arse, we'll post some lovely pictures for you people. Amusing quips & captions please.
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Lifetime @ TJ's Newport
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Lifetime - The Boy's No Good

This System Kills @ TJ's Newport
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This System Kills - Red Brick
Click pictures to go to band related thingys. Thank you. Yes.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Skindred : Nobody

Newport's Finest.

Doom : Police Bastard

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This is the first in the series of 1 track essentials. Or when I can't be arsed to rip or burn & stuff, or just generally fancy sharing a favourite track of the moment, or ever, or yesterday. I don't have to explain myself to you! Damn it! Think of it as Desert Island disks on Blackthorne. Anyway! Brums top noise merchants & John Peel favourites, Doom, Police Bastard. Go!

Doom - Police Bastard

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Dirt : Object Refuse Reject Abuse

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A nice slice of screechy Anarcho Punk for you here from Crass touring partners Dirt. Released on Crass Records in 1981. Although the band split up several times, eventually dissolving in the early nineties, their web-site is rather fine. Click logo, blah, blah. Singer Gary later formed Stratford Mercenaries with Steve Ignorant of Crass. Nice piece of sloganeering this. Shout in time.

Dirt - Hiroshima
Dirt - Unemployment
Dirt - Dolls of Destruction
Dirt - Democracy

Leatherface : Not Superstitious

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Named after the Texas Chainsaw Massacre villain, Leatherface, is a relatively obscure but critically acclaimed British punk band from Sunderland fronted by Frankie Stubbs. Formed in August 1988, they have released eight full-length albums so far. Their music has been described as a cross between Hüsker Dü and Motörhead, a notable element being Stubbs' rasping, "gravelly" vocals.
Jack Rabid, music critic and publisher of the music magazine Big Takeover, once listed Leatherface's 1992 release Mush as one of the fifty greatest punk albums of all time.[From Wikipedia]
Click the cover for un-official site with more MP3's including Peel Session.

Leatherface - Not Superstitious
Leatherface - Trenchfoot

Restarts : Frustration E.P.

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First four song EP from these snotty London Punks, released in 1996 on Blind Destruction Records. Brilliant shouty twin vocals. Go visit their web-site for more free MP3's and other stuff to clutter up both your hard drive & home by clicking the sleeve above. I recommend you get "Big Rock Candy Mountain" from over there. Do it.

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Restarts - Delirium Tremens
Restarts - Frustration
Restarts - Fuck the Lottery
Restarts - New Way

Friday, January 19, 2007

Black Easter: Ready To Rot E.P.

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Again another one of those bands I know very little about, apart from I bought it on 7 inch in 1982 and it's on the Illuminated label, later home to the likes of Sex Gang Children & the Poison Girls. Even Kill From The Heart just has the bands name and what would seem to be the bands only release, this EP listed.
The old Strange Reaction used to have this posted accompanied with a zine review of a gig the band did in a Basingstoke college written by one Liz Hurley. They would seem to come from the Home Counties somewhere. If you know anymore fill us in.
I've always loved this EP and "What The Fuck" has to be one of my favourite tracks ever. Pure Nihilism. Lovely.
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Black Easter - Day Of The Jackal
Black Easter - What The Fuck
Black Easter - Action Speak
Black Easter - Rockin Chair

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Current File Status: Most Files Now Back Up

Filelodge seems to have gone permanently FUBAR, so thanks to Annie @ Annie's Animal suggestions (Good Blog Check it to the right, Ski Patrol post is a belter. I've been meaning to post some Folk Devils for months.) we'll be trying our luck with some other servers. I'll be working through Month on Month, most are now back up, but if you find any broken links out there, drop a line in the comments of the last post & i'll upload it again.
Onwards & Upwards!

Let's celebrate with one of the best live bands on the planet Killing Joke doing Kings & Queens on the Tube in 1985.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dirty Squatters

Hilarious documentary from 1983 featuring a squat full of Kings Road "Punk & Disorderly" Postcard Punks. Lovely rendition of "Never Understood" by The Mob by one piss pot. Share a glue bag with Bum Box, Scum Bag & Animal.
"He should have been on the cover of Punk & Disorderly."
NOFX - Punk Guy (Vinyl Version)