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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Millions Of Dead Cops : Multi Death Corporations

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"The Multinational Corporations in the interests of blood-sucked profits have bought the highest levels of the United States government with all its covert terrorist and military tools in order to gaurantee their monetary interests in Central America and throughout the third world. This conspiracy between these major American bankers and industrialists and the U.S. government is what M.D.C refers to as the Multi-Death Corporations."
Released in the U.K. on Crass Records in 1983 classic stuff. Still relevant.

Millions Of Dead Cops - Multi Death Corporations
Millions Of Dead Cops - Selfish Shit
Millions Of Dead Cops - Radioactive Chocolate
Millions Of Dead Cops - No Place To Piss

Kuru : Breed EP

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Solid crust Punk from London's Kuru. Released on Inflamable Material records in 1994 I think. Good stuff similar in style to Amebix etc:
Go to their My-Space and tell them how good you think they are.

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Kuru - The Blood
Kuru - Breed
Kuru - 13
Kuru - Stressed Out

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Here Come The Freaks!

2000 Dirty Squatters.

External Menace : Rectify

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Split release from 1997 on Suspect Device Records. Scotland's External Menace & South Wales' Rectify. Both celtic stalwarts of the UK Hardcore Punk underground. Nice.

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External Menace - This Country
Rectify - Virtual Reality
Rectify - Their Demise

999 : Trouble : Made A Fool Of You

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Nice single from 1980 on Polydor records by 999. Little Ska feel to it and I kinda like it. Produced by Vic Maile. Here we go again. Click stuff.

999 - Trouble
999 - Made A Fool Of You

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Anti-Cimex : Braincell Battle

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Posting this as testament to the fact that I spend to much time doing this. It's also a homage to two of my favourite blogs. They'll both understand. Anyway, Sweedish crusties Anti-Cimex - Braincell Battle, from the "Scandinavian Jawbreaker" LP. It's a one track essential. Video is "Driller Killer - From Out Of Nowhere", featuring Cliff former Anti-Cimex singer. Broaden or narrow your horizons.

Anti-Cimex - Braincell Battle

Spizz Energi 2 : Work / Mega City 3

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One of the many name changes for Spizz. (Spizz Oil, Spizz Energi, Athletico Spizz 80 etc.) Best known for "Where's Captain Kirk?".
This was released on Rough Trade records in 1982 under the monicker Spizz Energi 2.
Spizz changed the name annually, in a bid to get in the Guinness Book of Records claiming he had recorded and released the greatest number of recordings under different names."Too Specialised" was the response of the then deputy editor Shelagh Thomas who confessed to owning "Where's Captain Kirk?" As should everyone.

Spizz Energi - Work
Spizz Energi - Mega City 3