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Monday, September 17, 2007

Impact : South Wales

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Partly inspired by Pogel at Rare Punk's question how many bands were there called Impact? Well, here's my favourite. Impact, from Cwmbran, Gwent, South Wales. Remembered by most for the single 'Punk Christmas' (which as their only 'hit' we used to get the joy of hearing in August etc.) & 'Stormtrooper Tactics' which appeared on the No Future comp 'A Country Fit For Heroes Vol 2'. I've also included in this post their self released 4 Track tape from 83. Solid UK 82 stuff this 8 tracks in total. there's another 5 track tape out there somewhere which I've lost to time. they've got a nice myspace up (click covers as always). You need this for 'Stormtrooper Tactics' alone. But you will play 'Punk Christmas' every year from now on. Guaranteed. Let's get into the spirit of things!

Vocals : Paul
Drums : Sid
Bass: Kev
Guitar : Tony
Add Vocals : Dickie

Sid is still active in the Psychobilly/Punk influenced Dead Beat Deluxe.

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All the demo covers were hand painted.

Impact - Demo/7 inch


Blogger Jeronyme said...

Great post again John. I only knew this band from the "Country Fit For Heroes" compilation, their song "Stormtrooper Tactics" being one the best.
The stuff you've posted seems equally good (I just gave it a quick listen yet).

5:52 PM  
Blogger John Liedown said...

Cheers J. Nice to see you posting again as well mate.
Glad you like the impact stuff. Stormtrooper tactics is a great track innit. They were entertaining live as well.
Keep posting. Someone's listening.

11:04 PM  

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