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Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Inciters : Still No Future...

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Anarcho D.I.Y. from The Inciters, 2002. Think Conflict & Dirt but with a modern sound A'la The Restarts & Anarchoi and your getting close. If you like any of the aforementioned bands you won't be disappointed. Trust me. Hidden track on this happens to be a cover of one of me favourite songs by one of me favourite bands. Recommended listening should you be thinking of blowing up a police station/butchers/animal lab this evening. We're doing it Snowy!

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The Inciters - Still No Future


Blogger Jeronyme said...

Excellent stuff! Reminds me of early Contempt.
I'll see what I can do for the "Demo-lition Blues" compilation (should take a few days though)... as for the ABS can't remember exactly what I posted but I do have their 12" on Link records featuring "Grease Your Ralph" ( + the " Nail It Down" LP). Again I'll see what I can do....

9:40 AM  

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