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Monday, October 30, 2006

The Mob : Witch Hunt

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Yeovil Punks the Mob with their second release from 1981. Treading a line somewhere between Joy Division & Crass, they released some great records before splitting in 1983. Kill From The Heart has a nice discography & write up.

The Mob - Witch Hunt
The Mob - Shuffling Souls

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Alternative TV

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Released on Deptford City Fun records in November 1977, this was Alternative TV's first proper release. Singer Mark Perry was also responsible for the fanzine "Sniffin' Glue" which was essentially the first Punk fanzine in the UK. Great track as well. Perry famously said "Punk Rock died the day The Clash signed to CBS"
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Alternative TV - How Much Longer

Friday, October 27, 2006

Ruff Ruff & Ready

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Ruff Ruff & Ready were from South London. The band had 2 rappers as front men mixing Punk Rock & Ska with Hip-Hop attitude and were involved in the Peckham Dole House Crew parties. They were signed by Island records for a while, with a little Radio Play. They had recorded an album in Island studios that was pressed in limited quantities but this was never released fully.
There was one mad gig before they split where they were first on the bill at Spike Island, the legendary Stone Roses event where 25000 scousers and scallies turned out to celebrate the emerging Madchester scene. The band generally wound up the crowd with comments like "What's the matter don't we pout enough for yah!" the crowd responded with hurled abuse, batteries and coins.
My own personal memory of the band is seeing the emerging Manic Street Preachers support the band with approximately eight people in the audience. We went back stage after the gig & got completely wrecked with Ruff Ruff & Ready. Who could smoke like no tomorrow. Nice blokes. The Manics ignored us.
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Ruff Ruff & Ready - Tribal Mutation

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


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Here is my obligitory Ian MacKaye post. I think it's compulsory for every blog to have one is'nt it? Teen Idles, Minor Threat, Embrace all seemed to be covered pretty well. So it was between this & Pailhead. Egghunt wins. Here's how it came together according to Southern Records web site.
"Dischord Records co-owners Ian MacKaye & Jeff Nelson had always been in bands together, ending with Minor Threat. After Ian's band Embrace broke up, the two went to London for a business meeting with John Loder of Southern Studios around Easter of 1986. Long eager to work in the studio with them, John suggested they do some recording for fun while in town. 4 songs were recorded, but only two of the tracks really came together well enough to merit mixing. They turned out so well that it was decided to release them as a single. Shortly after returning home, Jeff and Ian met with former Gray Matter members Geoff Turner and Steve Niles about posthumously releasing their "Take it Back" record (Dischord 21). Jeff had not met either Geoff or Steve before then, and they got on famously. It was decided to try Egg Hunt as a band, and the four jammed several times before admitting it was not working. Jeff, Geoff, and Steve decided to form a band, and with the later addition of ex-Gray Matter guitarist Mark Haggerty they became Three. Ian went on to form what would be Fugazi."
So there you go, good solid track this.

Egghunt - We All Fall Down

UK Decay/Furyo

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I was originally going to do a UK Decay post, a band i've always loved. I found it a hard choice to make so i've posted a Furyo song instead. Furyo were formed by Abbo UK Decay's singer after they split in late 82. Furyo released a couple of 12 inches and an album before splitting in early 85.
Then I completely changed my mind & decided to post Unexpected Guest & Dresden as well. Ha!
This is a great single ignore the pops it's a vinyl rip.
Click on the pictures to visit the excellent UK Decay.CO.UK website, where I nicked the cover scan. Funny article there about "The Only Fools & Hosres" episode where Rodney wears a UK Decay t-shirt which i've been going on about for years & convinced myself I must of dreamt it, cos i've never seen it since. Good work web site guys.

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UK Decay - Unexpected Guest
UK Decay - Dresden
Furyo - Legacy

Monday, October 23, 2006

Nausea : Cyber God

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Cybergod / Body of Christ 7"
allied records. 06 / 2 tracks / 1991

I remember buying this off one of the Bristol Punks at some gig during the early nineties. There was a time when you wouldn't leave the house without something to sell, a zine, or single, or tape, something to prop up the scene. Anyway, at the time I was probably more interested in the new Mega City Four single, but bought this, & played it constantly for the next three months. Still play to this day.
Killer track, hoarse female vocals, low-tuned guitars. A classic.

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Nausea - Cyber God
Nausea - Body Of Christ

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Misery : Blindead

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Misery formed 1987 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Influenced by UK bands like the Amebix. They were one of the bands that shaped the modern crust sound, along with NYC counterparts, Nausea.
With many years behind them, with releases for alternative Tentacles, Profane existence & Go-Kart among others, they are still currently a band.
This is their second 7 inch from 1989 "Blindead" best described as brutal. Play Loud.

Misery - Blindead
Misery - Wealth & Power
Misery - Noize
Misery - Justice Lost

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Charge : Destroy The Youth

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Charge were one the most underrated bands of early 80's London punk scene, along with The Straps in my opinion. These posts come from their second ep "Destroy The Youth" on the Kamera label. Their third ep "Fashion" saw them dip their toe into the Proto Goth end of the market along with bands like Theatre of Hate and Sex Gang Children ("Posi Punk" as it was laughingly called at the time). The bands only lP "Perfection" came out in 1982, the band spilt shortly after.
Guitarist Stu P Didiot unfortunately passed away in 2003 after a battle with cancer.

Charge - Destroy The Youth
Charge - No One Knows
Charge - Can I Go To Heaven
Charge - Absolution

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Rectify : Ebullition

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Great cassette only release, early nineties Anarcho Hardcore Punk from Rectify, feat Pig now This System Kills, & Wedge later of Four Letter Word & Mudgey (formerly of Classified Protest & Political Reform) Split up in 2000. Touring partners of Bristol's Chaos UK. Released several split offerings over the years with the likes of “External Menace", as well as self released stuff like this from 1993.
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Rectify - Intro-Turning Point
Rectify - The Passing
Rectify - Shattered Mind
Rectify - Wheel Of Fortune Part 2
Rectify - Urban War
Rectify - Omit That Shit
Rectify - Consumer Culture
Rectify - Decide
Rectify - Wheel Of Fortune Part 1
Rectify - Just The Music

Social Unrest

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Social Unrest formed 1980 were one of the leading forces of the Bay Area early Hardcore scene post is from their 1st 7 inch " Making Room for Youth" released in 1981 produced by Dead Kennedys guitarist East Bay Ray.
They released their 7 song " Rat in a Maze" 12" a year later in the summer of 82 on their Libertine label also appearing on the Maximum Rock'n'Roll compilation,"Not so Quiet on the Western Front". You can get a full history of the band here, put together by a long time fan.
I first came across the band when a friend gave me a cassette in 82 featuring four bands Social Unrest, Minor Threat, Bad Brains & JFA that he'd bought on import. I was hooked.
Buy Social Unrest stuff here at New Red archives.

Social Unrest - Making Room For Youth
Social Unrest - Join The People That Join The Army
Social Unrest - Rush Hour

Friday, October 20, 2006

King Prawn

Formed in London, England in 1993 by vocalist Al-Farabi Rumjen, Barbar Luck (bass), Aryan Devil (guitar), and Nick Swindonboye (drums). They were originally signed to Newport label Words Of Warning. They were often compared to bands like The Specials, Dead Kennedys and Rage Against The Machine.
They were subject to both critical acclaim, having been nominated for the 'Best New British Band' category at the Kerrang! Awards in 1998 and then again under the 'Spirit of Independence' category in 2000. A diverse fanbase lead them to become one of the most highly respected bands to emerge from the UK ska punk scene at the time. Regular touring saw them playing with bands from Madness to Agnostic Front & everything inbetween. In 2001 they even shared the bill on prime-time Italian TV with Atomic Kitten.
King Prawn played their final gig on December 21st 2003 at The Pitz, Milton Keynes, and members have since moved on to various other projects, such as Babar Luck's solo project and the Household Name Records signed musical collective Suicide Bid.

EP's and LP's
First Offence - 1995
Fried in London - 1998
Your Worst Enemy EP - 1999
Surrender to the Blender - 2000
First Offence - 2001 (remastered & re-released)
Fried in London - 2001 (remastered & re-released)
Got the Thirst - 2003

Poison in the Air - 1995
Felled/Depths of my Soul - 1997
Not Your Punk - 1997
Day In Day Out- 2000
Someone to Hate - 2000

King Prawn - The Dominant View
King Prawn - Smoke Some Shit
King Prawn - Racist Copper

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Epileptics

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The band that would eventually become Flux Of Pink Indians, formed in Bishops Storford in 1978. Early gigs with Crass would form a partnership up until the demise of both bands. Trouble seemed to dog The Epileptics in this early part of their career. Epilepsy groups were annoyed by the name and tried to force the band to change it. This lead to troubles with the record label withdrawing early pressings of the single. To top it Anti-Pasti released the song "Two Years Too Late" after The Epileptics had sent it to the band as a demo.
This version is a re-release of the record on the bands own label in 1981 & features Penny Rimbaud of Crass on drums.

The Epileptics - Hitler's Still A Nazi
The Epileptics - 1970's Were Made In Hong Kong

The Secluded

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From Ebbw Vale South Wales, The Secluded were playing some great Street Punk before the genre existed. Influenced by bands like Anti-Pasti & Discharge, their only vinyl outing was "Steal Cheat & Victimise" which was included on the "I've Got Those Demoliton Blues" comp L.P. which the band The Insane released in 83 & also featured fellow Welsh bands The Oppressed & Picture Frame Seduction.
Posted below is their "We Despise Society" demo.


Royal Blood
Steal Cheat & Victimise
Mindless Violence
Police State

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dead Wretched

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Hailing from the Midlands and signed to Inferno Records along with The Varukers & Drongoes For Europe. Released two great 7 inches before drifting into obscurity. Bizzarely appeared on a children's TV programme doing the unreleased "Your No Exception" which I still have on VHS. Went on to become The Burning with little success.

Dead Wretched - No Justice
Dead Wretched - Recession
Dead Wretched - No Hope For The Wretched
Dead Wretched - No Time To Die

NO HOPE FOR ANYONE 7" (Inferno, 1982)
CONVICTED 7" (Inferno, 1982)


Formed in 1980 and fronted by Cambodian-born singer Sothira Pheng, whose family had fled the country when the brutal Khmer Rouge seized power. The band's self titled EP debuted on Universal Records of Berkeley in '81 and was followed by the "1984" single distributed on Freak Records in '82. The band's second full length "Dehumanization" was one of the few US bands that released thru Crass via Corpus Christi Records.Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSplit up after lengthy tour US/Canada/Europe on July 13 1984. A posthumous compilation album of singles and live tracks entitled "Exhibit A" was released on Kustomized Records in 1997.
Matt Borruso and Chris Douglas later reemerged in Loudspeaker, a New York-based noise rock group. Sothira Pheng and Jimmy Crucifix now play with Proudflesh.

DiscographyCrucifix (EP, Universal 1981)
1984 (Single, Freak 1982)
Dehumanization (Full Length, Corpus Christi 1983)
Exhibit A (Full Length, Kustomized 1997)

Crucifix - Death Toll

Exploited Barmy Army!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWent to see Wattie & the boys this evening. Very entertaining. The guy still fully loves it & did'nt stop grinning for most of the gig. Inspired me to post which I ain't done in ages. Posted up "Crashed Out" still a favourite. Also love this video, watch out for the kiddie slidding down the car.

The Exploited - Crashed Out