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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Henry Rollins - Bristol Colston Hall 27/01/08

Sorry for lack of updates of late, but we're running on half steam here.
Went to see Henry Rollins do his spoken word thing again on Sunday night. He talked for three hours and I wasn't bored once. The man is a legend. Some great anecdotes from his travels in some of the worlds perceived terrorist hot-spots. He was actually in Pakistan when Benazhir Bhutto was assassinated. Mix this in with some tales of his time rehearing then singing with The Ruts leading up to the death of Paul Fox, and some nice Nick Cave, Jello Biafra and David Lee Roth impersonations & your in for a good night.
Rollins was Black Flag. I'm not having it any other way. Top bloke. Makes you feel like a human being.
Did this little piece on Bush where he pronounces Mandela dead. Check out the vid.

The photo was the only decent shot we managed to get. We were way back mind.
This is one of my favourite Black Flag songs from 'In My Head'.
Black Flag - Retired At 21

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ski Patrol - Peel Session 19/01/81

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Ski Patrol, Peel session. Bit-rate is a bit low on this so if anyone out there has anything a little higher drop us a line. Still well worth a listen. Early version of 'Where The Buffalo Roam' which the Folk Devils would later play.
Click cover for interview in 'No Class' fanzine. In fact just check out 'No Class' fanzine. Great stuff. (click zine cover)

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TX - 22/01/1981
Producer - Tony Wilson
Engineer - Dave Dade
Studio - Langham 1

Where The Buffalo Roam

Line Up
Nick Clift (Guitar)
Francis Cook (Bass)
Alan Cole (Drums)
Ian Lowery (Vocals)

Ski Patrol - Peel Session

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ski Patrol - Agent Orange

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Ski Patrol, fronted by former 'The Wall' man Ian Lowrey, who would later on form The Folk Devils & King Blank. Click cover for more info, and few unreleased MP3's. Some great Ian Lowrey related posts out there at the moment. Unfortunately he passed away in 2001.
Ski Patrol were signed to Killing Joke's label 'Malicious Damage'.
Check out a best of The Folk Devils post with Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf.
Can't recommend this stuff enough. I'll post the Peel Session soon.

Agent Orange/Driving

Ski Patrol - Agent Orange

The Insane - El Salvador E.P.

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More Insane. Why Not? Someone mentioned it in the comments and I couldn't resist. Brilliant single this. Click cover to go to the Defunkt 'American Punk In Suburbia' and get the 'Last Day' single there.

El Salvador/Chinese Rocks/Nuclear War

The Insane - El Salvador

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Insane - Why Die?

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More classic U.K. 82 Punk Rock for you in the shape of Wigan's The Insane. Released a clutch of great singles including 'Last Day', 'El Salvador' & this gem Why die? Featured Bambi out of Discharge on drums. A couple of members also played for Flux for a while.
The Great 7 Inch Crust posted the split with another great class of 82 band Skeptix, a while back. Click cover to get it.

Why Die?/War & Violence

The Insane - Why Die?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Classified Protest

If any of you have read Ian Glaspers book 'The Day The Country Died', there's a great section on South Wales bands. Icons Of Filth, No Choice, Shrapnel etc. & my own personal faves Classified Protest. The only band i've ever played in Surrealist Dream (shite name) even get a mention as Pig lead singer of Classified Protest (later of Rectify & now of This System Kills) remembers a gig we played with them as the first Classified Protest gig. It wasn't. The first time I saw Classified Protest was at one of those 'Battle Of The Bands' type deals in Ebbw Vale Leisure centre. We were there as a couple of our mates were doing this art noise type thing, where they just turned up and hit fuck out of stuff, and made a lot of noise and generally annoyed people. Most of the bands wanted to sound like Saxon at this event so we figured fun would ensue. We went with our mate Maggsy & were mainly of the Crass persuasion, black & more black.
All of the bands were taking it really seriously, our friends took the stage, us being in on the joke were laughing before 'Mummy Egg Box' (nice moniker) took the stage. Loads of feedback, loads of noise, loads of abuse & this army of 'One Way System' lookalikes giving it real shit. All these UK 82 types appeared from nowhere. Heckling & stuff. Maggs said he knew a few of them. They were Blaina Punks from over the valley. Mummy Egg Box got out alive, just.
Another crappy metal band..... then five of the 'One Way System' types got up and played. It was rough, ready and Punk As Fuck. We chatted after. We still chat.
Here's all three Classified Protest demos in one handy download. It was local, but just as influential on me as anything else at the time. Still sounds good to me. 21 tracks over three demos & numerous line ups. Some no longer with us. RIP Mudgey. Proper DIY. In it for life.

Classified Protest - Demos

Discharge - Newport TJ's 12/01/08

Another year. Another TJ's gig. Headlined this evening by Discharge. Well, Discharge with Rat from The Varukers singing as he has for about 5 years now.
Rainy looking for all the world like a Big Issue seller these days.
The Sound was a bit tinny to start with, and it just sounded like The Varukers. As much as I love The Varukers when you go and see Discharge, you want Discharge. Know what I mean?
Started to warm up a bit mid set, esppecially when the wheeled out this old chestnut.Discharge - Realities Of War You looking at me Bones?

Support band Short Bus Window Lickers.They know a lot of songs, it has to be said.Short Bus Window Lickers - Sticky Vicky
Short Bus Window Lickers - 6 For A Fiver

As Ian Mackaye once said 'Haven't We Met Before?'(See recent Restarts photos and spot the difference) and Ian no doubt would give you a sharp slap on the legs for that T-Shirt young fella me lad.
They did a cracking cover of 'Plastic Bomb' by Poison Idea by the way.
Short Bus Window Lickers - Fuck Knows Mainiac

Pig of This System Kills ex-Rectify and Classified Protest, Peroxide with some other colour in her hair, Joe and some grinning twat.
Known this man for about 25 years now. If you see him buy him a pint. Pig from This System Kills and his other half Sue. And some pissed twat.
Local lads Rejected who do a fine live show.
I want that shirt. Visit them. Rejected
More mohawks than you can shake a stick at. Good night all in all.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Exit-Stance - 1916

I really should check my comments more often. Just found this in the comments of an old Exit-Stance post. anyone got any demos of this? Fantastic stuff. Here's the comment:-
'If you want a taste of the new stuff Exit-stance was working on, you can check out one of the tracks: 1916. on youtube. recorded back in 2002'
Thanks Anon.

Ruts D.C. - Weak Heart

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After Malcom Owen died, the remaining members of The Ruts carried on under the moniker Ruts D.C. releasing some damn fine records along the way, including this 1983 collaboration with The Mad Professor.
1983 Bohemian Records.
Weak Heart/Millitant/Accusation

Ruts D.C. - Weak Heart

Papa Brittle : Polemic Beat Poetry

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Someone in one of the comments requested a re-up of this, so I give you Papa Brittle. Great live band. Politically charged Punk Rock/Hip Hop. Think Dub War, RATM, Senser and your getting there. Great lyrics, one part Gil Scott Heron, one part Crass. Anarcho Funk Rock. 1996 Play It Again Sam Records.

Papa Brittle - Polemic Beat Poetry

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Various Artists - This Is The A.L.F.

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Posting this for a couple of reasons. Let's deal with the music first. Simply one of the best Anarcho Punk compilations ever put out. Originally released in 88 as an 18 track effort, it's subsequently been re-released and expanded, to now include 27 tracks. Just have a look at this track list:

1. This Is The A.L.F. - Conflict
2. Background To Malfunction - Flux Of Pink Indians
3. Sick Butchers - Flux Of Pink Indians
4. Sentiment - Crass
5. Unilever - Chumbawamba
6. Meat Means Murder - Conflict
7. Evolution - Subhumans
8. Slaughter House Rock - Dirt
9. Voiceless Now Have A Voice - Exitstance
10. Slaughterhouse - Exitstance
11. They Kill Dogs - Exitstance
12. Show Us You Care - Icons Of Filth
13. Success On A Plate - Icons Of Filth
14. Death Is The Only Release - Icons Of Filth
15. Berkshire Cunt - Conflict
16. Offending Article - Poison Girls
17. Suffer No More - Liberty
18. Tough Shit Mickey - Conflict
19. Flesh And Blood - Citizen Fish
20. Poem - Lost Cherrees
21. Yet Still Come The Rain - Lost Cherrees
22. You Didn't Care - Lost Cherrees
23. Slaughter Of Innocence - Conflict
24. Seal Cull - Dirt
25. Vivisector - Icons Of Filth
26. Operation Successful - Exitstance
27. Whichever Way You Want It - Conflict

Secondly, you knew it was coming. All you lapsed veggies out there, no sloping out at the back! Come on, it's a piece of piss to be a veggie these days. New year, new start and all that bollocks. Don't be a lazy twat. Surely we don't keep having to clump animals over the head anymore. Come round, i'll cook you a meal (recipe stole from We'll drink some nice (vegetarian) wine. I'll get out the Barry White records... We'll have a lovely evening. No animal involvement. We'll pretend the incident with the 3 bottles of tequila and the donkey in Guadalajara never happened. Let's just move on.
Simply, murder.
Click cover, give ALF a visit.

Various Artists - This Is The A.L.F.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Chaotic Dischord - Very Fuckin' Bad

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'Where have all the glueheads gone?' lamented Chaotic Dischord, on this 1988 release on 'Not Very Nice Records' Hackney would seem a safe bet. The album kicks off with this 'pean' to all things glue, set to the tune of 'Where have all the bootboys gone' by Slaughter & The Dogs.
Petulant, immature, sexist, just check out 'Hey Goth Fuck Off.' The Macc Lads trod a similar path, GG Allin took it to another level. But for all it's faults, this is as much inspired by Derek & Clive as anything else, anyways I must admit I do still find swearing big and clever. So if you don't like it, fuck off you boring twat. I my self dear reader have had, on occasion, the urge to shove a turd in my next door neighbour's car stereo. Does it really make me a bad man?
Click cover for Kill From The Heart's write up on the band the Vice Squad connection et al.

Very Fuckin' Bad (1988, Not Very Nice)
1.Where Have All the Glueheads Gone
2.Aussie Song
3.Mrs. Meat Curtains
4.Anarchy in Harver Procter's 'Y' Fronts
5.Fuck Off Ripcord
6.Rick's Arsehole / We're Fuckin' Glad the Smiths Split Up (Work It Out Stupid)
7.Some Shit About Cricket
8.Mega Metal Death & Thunder God Grandad
9.Hey Goth Fuck Off
10.Psycho Hippy Skateboard Punx
11.Fergie's Baby is a Dischord Baby (Trainee Fuckin' Psychopath)
12.Chip on my Shoulder
13.Berkshire Cowboy
14.Still Fuckin' Dying
15.Cunt Rock (Another Poxy Poem)

Chaotic Dischord - Very Fuckin' Bad

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Mega City Four - Peel Session 19/07/1988

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As we plough on into my most hated month of the year (back to work tomorrow), I thought i'd post this. Staple on the live circuit in late eighties and early nineties Mega City Four. January, from this session is one of me favourite ever tracks and has been my constant companion every January for nearly twenty years.
Lead singer Wiz sadly passed away in December 2006 from a blood clot on the brain.
This was their first Peel Session. Great stuff.

Severe Attack Of The Truth
Clear Blue Sky
Distant Relatives
Alternative Arrangement

TX - 02/08/1988
Producer - Mike Robinson
Engineer - Mike Robinson
Studio - Maida Vale 4

Line Up
Chris Jones (Drums)
Jerry Bryant (Bass)
Danny Brown (Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Wiz (Guitar, Lead Vocals)

Mega City Four - Peel Session