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Monday, November 20, 2006


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Just got back from seeing these blokes in Bristol. What a fine band they are live as well. Even a couple of Operation Ivy songs thrown in. Class. I'm not going to post any tracks cos if you go
Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, & Here,
You can make a pretty good 28 Track best of Rancid Album featuring the following tracks, Rejected, Whirlwind, Sidekick, Salvation, 11th Hour, Junkie Man, Black Lung, Something In The Way, It's Quite Alright, Reconcilliation, Fall Back Down, Dave Courtney, Let Me Go, Dead Bodies, Blood Clot, The Wolf, Maxwell Murder, Olympia WA, Nihilism, Dope Sick Girl, Hyena, Trenches, Roots Radicals, Time Bomb, Ruby Soho, If The Kids Are United, Rats In The Hallway & 1998.
That's a bloody good gig if you ask me. Hey, download the picture there's your CD cover, bish bosh! Instant greatest hits.
I first saw them live some time in the early nineties (back when the only place Lars had Skunx written was on the back of his leather) at the time me and me mate used to run a stall at gigs selling Punk & Hardcore records. Lars & Tim came & had a look at the stall & Lars bought this UK Subs 12" (Sabre Dance I think). My mate has PUNX tattooed on his knuckles & has since about 1982, Rancid's i'm sure appeared later. Just sayin.....

You can also download some Lars & the Bastards Tracks Here, & Here, & Here.
Two MP3's from Tim Armstong's solo album Here.
Or go to the rather good Operation Ivy.Com, for loads of Op Ivy bootlegs, live shows & cover versions of Op Ivy songs.
The folks at Lookout records have 2 Op Ivy tracks Here. along with loads of other free stuff.
That should keep you busy, go on bugger off.


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