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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Anti-System : Defence Of The Realm E.P.

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Getting a bit Yorkshire-centric on here lately, the last three bands all coming from the county. Another Yorkshire band for you, Anti-System from Bradford. Good solid Anarcho Punk this,their debut release from 1983 'Defence of the Realm' EP.
I had a mate called Nipper who had all of the poem "Service" painted on the back of his leather. He got nicked by the Old Bill for having "What is this Fuckin' war about" on the bottom of said garment & was told he would get nicked again & charged with obscenity or some bollocks if ever seen walking around offending the population of Buckinghamshire in such a manner again. Twats. He painted over the Fuckin'.

In Defence of the Realm (EP, Pax Records, 1983)
No Laughing Matter (LP, Reconcile, 1985)
A Look at Life (12", Reconcile, 1986)
Live At Sheffield Marples LP - Unreleased (Recorded at the same gig as the legendary LP by the Mau Maus)
Split 7" w/MORBID HUMOUR (Reconcile, 1986)

Punk Dead? Nah Mate, The Smell is Jus Summink in Yer Underpants Innit (Pax Records, 1982)
Man's World, Aftermath
Bollox to the Gonads - Here's the Testicles (Pax Records, 1984)
Schoolboy, Why Should it Happen

Anti-System - Animal Welfare
Anti-System - No Longer To Choose
Anti-System - Service
Anti-System - 1000 Rifles
Anti-System - Government Lies
Anti-System - Bomb Threat


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