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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Trench Fever : Saturday Night Sunday Morning

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Four track E.P. on "Hedgehog's Revenge" Records by five piece outfit Trench Fever in 1990. Similar sort of vain to other U.K. acts of the time like Snuff & Leatherface.
Drums: Jason Cook, Vocals: Neil Singleton, Lead: Paul "The Pig" Lyne, Guitar: Dave Soph, Bass: Paul Condon. Paul "The Pig" Lyne later went on to join The Blaggers for a while. Solid E.P.
Trench Fever - Hole In The Head
Trench Fever - The Old
Trench Fever - Price To Pay
Trench Fever - Goik


Blogger condoman65 said...

Although we weren't that political,the ironic thing about this E.P. is that it was funded entirely by the government.Our drummer,Jason got a grant intended for people starting their own business.Needless to say, this was the only release on the shortlived Hedgehog records,as Jasons 'business' venture didn't last long.
I still think it's a good record though,probably my proudest moment as a 'musician'.Much better than all that over produced, Bad Dress Sense stuff that Vinyl Solution put out.
Paul Condon, Trench Fever bassist.

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