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Monday, November 27, 2006

Soul Side

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Soul Side were one of the bands at the forefront of the whole 1980s D.C. punk scene alongside the likes of Fugazi and King Face. Featuring Alexis Fleisig drums, Bobby Sullivan vocals, Scott McCloud guitar & Johnny Temple bass.
When the band disolved Fleisig, McCloud & Temple (along with Soul Side's producer, Eli Janney) turned their other project, Girls Against Boys, into a full-time band and packed up and moved to New York. Bobby Sullivan went on to join a number of bands, including Seven League Boots, Rain Like the Sound of Trains, and the Sevens.
This 7 inch was recorded in September 1988 at Inner Ear Studios Produced by Eli Janney
(track #3 was recorded live at 9:30 Club)
Good stuff.

Soul Side - Bass
Soul Side - Other Side
Soul Side - 103


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