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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

UK Decay/Furyo

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I was originally going to do a UK Decay post, a band i've always loved. I found it a hard choice to make so i've posted a Furyo song instead. Furyo were formed by Abbo UK Decay's singer after they split in late 82. Furyo released a couple of 12 inches and an album before splitting in early 85.
Then I completely changed my mind & decided to post Unexpected Guest & Dresden as well. Ha!
This is a great single ignore the pops it's a vinyl rip.
Click on the pictures to visit the excellent UK Decay.CO.UK website, where I nicked the cover scan. Funny article there about "The Only Fools & Hosres" episode where Rodney wears a UK Decay t-shirt which i've been going on about for years & convinced myself I must of dreamt it, cos i've never seen it since. Good work web site guys.

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UK Decay - Unexpected Guest
UK Decay - Dresden
Furyo - Legacy


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