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Friday, October 27, 2006

Ruff Ruff & Ready

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Ruff Ruff & Ready were from South London. The band had 2 rappers as front men mixing Punk Rock & Ska with Hip-Hop attitude and were involved in the Peckham Dole House Crew parties. They were signed by Island records for a while, with a little Radio Play. They had recorded an album in Island studios that was pressed in limited quantities but this was never released fully.
There was one mad gig before they split where they were first on the bill at Spike Island, the legendary Stone Roses event where 25000 scousers and scallies turned out to celebrate the emerging Madchester scene. The band generally wound up the crowd with comments like "What's the matter don't we pout enough for yah!" the crowd responded with hurled abuse, batteries and coins.
My own personal memory of the band is seeing the emerging Manic Street Preachers support the band with approximately eight people in the audience. We went back stage after the gig & got completely wrecked with Ruff Ruff & Ready. Who could smoke like no tomorrow. Nice blokes. The Manics ignored us.
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Ruff Ruff & Ready - Tribal Mutation


Blogger clinton henry said...

Hello fellow punks on postcards, I am clint henry (one half)rapper from the punk-rap band ruff ruff 'n' reday , We are in the process of recording the vocals on a project started last year, once done i will post it on myspace site. so watch this space... clint/ruff ruff

4:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The new track 'In or out of favour' is now on clinton's scvenger project web site
tune into it and hear this and other tracks.
A EP/Album should be finished by the end of the summer [with additional, unheard material still being mixed]

3:52 PM  
Blogger Mick Dickinson said...

I watched the Manics at that gig so I was one of the eight. I knew they were special but no idea they would be so massive. Glad you enjoyed the spliff

9:34 PM  

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