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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Social Unrest

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Social Unrest formed 1980 were one of the leading forces of the Bay Area early Hardcore scene post is from their 1st 7 inch " Making Room for Youth" released in 1981 produced by Dead Kennedys guitarist East Bay Ray.
They released their 7 song " Rat in a Maze" 12" a year later in the summer of 82 on their Libertine label also appearing on the Maximum Rock'n'Roll compilation,"Not so Quiet on the Western Front". You can get a full history of the band here, put together by a long time fan.
I first came across the band when a friend gave me a cassette in 82 featuring four bands Social Unrest, Minor Threat, Bad Brains & JFA that he'd bought on import. I was hooked.
Buy Social Unrest stuff here at New Red archives.

Social Unrest - Making Room For Youth
Social Unrest - Join The People That Join The Army
Social Unrest - Rush Hour


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