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Friday, October 20, 2006

King Prawn

Formed in London, England in 1993 by vocalist Al-Farabi Rumjen, Barbar Luck (bass), Aryan Devil (guitar), and Nick Swindonboye (drums). They were originally signed to Newport label Words Of Warning. They were often compared to bands like The Specials, Dead Kennedys and Rage Against The Machine.
They were subject to both critical acclaim, having been nominated for the 'Best New British Band' category at the Kerrang! Awards in 1998 and then again under the 'Spirit of Independence' category in 2000. A diverse fanbase lead them to become one of the most highly respected bands to emerge from the UK ska punk scene at the time. Regular touring saw them playing with bands from Madness to Agnostic Front & everything inbetween. In 2001 they even shared the bill on prime-time Italian TV with Atomic Kitten.
King Prawn played their final gig on December 21st 2003 at The Pitz, Milton Keynes, and members have since moved on to various other projects, such as Babar Luck's solo project and the Household Name Records signed musical collective Suicide Bid.

EP's and LP's
First Offence - 1995
Fried in London - 1998
Your Worst Enemy EP - 1999
Surrender to the Blender - 2000
First Offence - 2001 (remastered & re-released)
Fried in London - 2001 (remastered & re-released)
Got the Thirst - 2003

Poison in the Air - 1995
Felled/Depths of my Soul - 1997
Not Your Punk - 1997
Day In Day Out- 2000
Someone to Hate - 2000

King Prawn - The Dominant View
King Prawn - Smoke Some Shit
King Prawn - Racist Copper

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