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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Rectify : Ebullition

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Great cassette only release, early nineties Anarcho Hardcore Punk from Rectify, feat Pig now This System Kills, & Wedge later of Four Letter Word & Mudgey (formerly of Classified Protest & Political Reform) Split up in 2000. Touring partners of Bristol's Chaos UK. Released several split offerings over the years with the likes of “External Menace", as well as self released stuff like this from 1993.
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Rectify - Intro-Turning Point
Rectify - The Passing
Rectify - Shattered Mind
Rectify - Wheel Of Fortune Part 2
Rectify - Urban War
Rectify - Omit That Shit
Rectify - Consumer Culture
Rectify - Decide
Rectify - Wheel Of Fortune Part 1
Rectify - Just The Music


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can you re-upload this

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