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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


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Here is my obligitory Ian MacKaye post. I think it's compulsory for every blog to have one is'nt it? Teen Idles, Minor Threat, Embrace all seemed to be covered pretty well. So it was between this & Pailhead. Egghunt wins. Here's how it came together according to Southern Records web site.
"Dischord Records co-owners Ian MacKaye & Jeff Nelson had always been in bands together, ending with Minor Threat. After Ian's band Embrace broke up, the two went to London for a business meeting with John Loder of Southern Studios around Easter of 1986. Long eager to work in the studio with them, John suggested they do some recording for fun while in town. 4 songs were recorded, but only two of the tracks really came together well enough to merit mixing. They turned out so well that it was decided to release them as a single. Shortly after returning home, Jeff and Ian met with former Gray Matter members Geoff Turner and Steve Niles about posthumously releasing their "Take it Back" record (Dischord 21). Jeff had not met either Geoff or Steve before then, and they got on famously. It was decided to try Egg Hunt as a band, and the four jammed several times before admitting it was not working. Jeff, Geoff, and Steve decided to form a band, and with the later addition of ex-Gray Matter guitarist Mark Haggerty they became Three. Ian went on to form what would be Fugazi."
So there you go, good solid track this.

Egghunt - We All Fall Down


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