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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Afflicted - I'm Afflicted/Be Aware

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If you've been over to Nuclear Farmed Fuck Frogs recently, you may have noticed that Bernard has posted an old BBC 2 doc, 'Skinheads' where a film crew follow around Combat 84. The programme culminates in a bloody big ruck, in a club in Harlow. Now in one of the scenes an erstwhile Scots Skin is buffing up his Marten's while this single drops on the turntable. Afflicted - I'm Afflicted. Cracking little tune it is as well. Afflicted (later re-tagged Afflicted Man) was the brainchild of one Steve Hall, who would later front The Accursed.

I'm Afflicted/Be Aware

Afflicted - I'm Afflicted/Be Aware


Blogger Longy said...

Great little tune this one. Someone, somewhere on a blog posted Afflicted Man's complete recordings double CD a while back. Can't remember where it was though. Cheers for this one.

2:15 PM  
Anonymous sascha said...

Yes, the Afflicted and all of Steve Hall's projects were excellent. I think they would be far more celebrated in general but Steve got unfairly tarred with an NF brush due to a tangential relationship to the late Nicky Crane. (Who renounced his Nazi ideals in any case).

All the material is indeed available if you want to shell out the dough. Better than spending a small fortune on the originals.

Proto-psych -punk Oi freakouts UNITE!!!

1:05 AM  
Blogger NATION ON FIRE said...

it's posted at
hear are the links to download them

disc 1:

disc 2:

9:42 PM  
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