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Saturday, December 06, 2008

New Model Army - Wonderful Way To Go

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Now, the lovely Bernard, from the blog that is Nuclear Farmed Fuck Frogs pointed me in the direction of a blog called Symphony Of Ghosts the other day, which has no less than 48 New Model Army bootlegs posted and is well worth a visit. some very good stuff up there. So I thought we'd have this double CD release from 1998.

Favourite lyric from this release is from the track 'F#NY'

Somehow you survived/well I don't know how/and you still burn the same/maybe a little slower now/You remember the winter of 79/and going down in the rain/to the Royal Standard/to watch the Ruts play?

Always brings a smile to my face that.

CD 1
Wonderful Way To Go/Refugee/South West/Wonderful Way To Go (Radio Edit)
CD 2
Wonderful Way To Go/F#NY(Live)/BD7(Live)/The Ballad Of Bodmin Pill(Live)

New Model Army - Wonderful Way To Go


Blogger Longy said...

Oh no......not 48 NMA boots! F*****g hell I'm in heaven and my remaining 8 gigs of HD is in severe danger! I've just this second posted a nice Justin Sullivan radio broadcast on mine. I hope its not over there. I guess I'd better look now! Thanks for all your comments John

11:57 PM  
Blogger Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Shit maan! spoilt for choice don't come into it!

10:11 AM  

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