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Sunday, February 12, 2006

U.K. Subs

U.K. Subs (short for United Kingdom Subversives) formed in London in 1977 by Charlie Harper, a hairdresser from Brixton. Harper was a veteran of the R&B pub circuit and like Joe Strummer was blown away by the energy of the likes of the Sex Pistols.
One of my favorite Subs anecdotes comes from the Crass biography on their web-site.

"Throughout the long, lonely winter of 77/78 we played regular gigs at The White Lion, Putney with the UK Subs. The audience consisted mostly of us when the Subs played and the Subs when we played. Sometimes it was disheartening, but usually it was fun. Charley Harper's indefatigable enthusiasm was always an inspiration when times got bleak, his absolute belief in punk as a peoples' music had more to do with revolution than McClaren and his cronies could ever have dreamt of."
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And so he has continued throughout his musical career. Still touring today with what must be the thousandth line up. At one point he even had two incarnations of the Subs, one in the U.K. and one in the States.

U.K. Subs - The Same Thing


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