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Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Fits

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The Fits - Man At Dawn

"Layton's finest - the band's logo spray painted in distinctive hand-writing on road signs and various street furniture across the Fylde coast in the late 70's and early 80's was a welcomed part of the Blackpool urban scenery. Consisting of Mick Crudge - vocals, Steve Withers - guitar. Debut lp on Rondolet "You're Nothing You're Nowhere".
Mick cut quite an imposing figure to us then younger folk, and was approachable and supportive of the younger bands on the Blackpool scene at the time - he sorted out Index XI's first gig at Jenx ironically as a result of an animated and impromptu conversation with an elderly lady who approached us objecting to "Anarchy in the UK" being sprawled across Mick's leather jacket. The substance of the conversation being that the statement was a reaction to the oppressive normality of the day and lack of creative outlets for local bands - obviously impressed with this articulate and somewhat unexpected response the elderly lady said she would approach the Salvation Army to stage local gigs. The next time I saw Mick he was playing a gig at the Salvation Army with Tunnel Vision - enough said. Band moved down to London and after a few line up changes split in the mid 80's. Mick released some material under the name Kingfisher Davis in the mid 90's."
(taken from Blackpool Rox - issue 8 Aug 2005)
This post comes from the aforementioned "You're Nothing You're Nowhere" their only L.P. release.
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Later signed to Crass subsiduary Chorpus Christi for one single, the epic "Tears of a Nation". Eventually ended up on the Peter & The Test Tube Babies ran Trapper records, releasing the classic "Peace & Quiet" on a split 12" with The Test Tube Babies. The band are criminally overlooked to my mind, one of my favourite all time LP's being "Your'e Nothing, Your Nowhere". Think Rondelet stable mates Anti-Pasti with a sense of humour & snottier vocals and your getting close.
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Anonymous Seaside Moz said...

Being a blackpool lad myself spent many a happy evening in my youth with this lot!

A best of complilation is available on the Captain Oi label

9:26 PM  

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