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Monday, July 21, 2008

Adolescents - TJ's Newport 21/07/08

Another great night at TJ's last night. With get this, The Adolescents, Riot Squad (Yeah Thee Riot Squad! Fuck the Tories!) Di Capo and Hadonfield. Cracking Line up. Unfortunatley Peroxide's camera has gone AWOL so no pictures for you lovely people.
If your in the London area, go and see the Adolescents at the Underworld.
One of the best gigs i've been to this year. Don't think the boys who put it on broke even, which is a shame. You all should get out a bit more kids, instead of sat at home typing. Even Bernard from Nuclear Farmed Fuck Frogs dragged his unemployable arse out. You should have too. Missed a good 'un.

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Classic first LP.
Adolescents - Adolescents

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All the old stuff, the last LP ain't too shabby mind.
Riot Squad - Punk Rock Singles Collection


Blogger bernard the frog said...


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Blogger John Liedown said...

Yeah we know! Lol!
Hoppefully you'll never get sent down Tredegar Park to pick up dog shite. But you never know.....

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