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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ad Nauseam - Brainstorm E.P.

I'd been going to post this for a while, then when I googled it I saw a few people had posted it before. But have it anyway.Nation On Fire has posted the album and a few of the tapes as well.
If you look at the last post you'll see this Porstmouth outfit on Rectify's thanks list. This stems from the fact that Ad Nauseam supported the Subhumans in Ebbw Vale back in 82, and friendships were forged. Classified Protest supported them a few times down on the South Coast.
Great E.P. Gruff vocals. You can't beat a tune about the old Iron Lady.

Ad Nauseam - Brainstorm E.P.

Nice t-shirt Ad Nauseam fella!


Blogger AlĂȘ said...

Kararro yo tengo este post em k7, mui bueno irei descagar agora! Saudacione del Brasil!Anarquia e "Paz".

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