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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Heavy Metal Outlaws

Googling a bit I found an excellent write-up about Roi Pearce's oitrageous Heavy Metal Outlaws.... and guess what it was signed Sascha!

"If the Heavy Metal Outlaws (hereafter referred to as HMO) hadn't existed, probably no one could have invented them. What do you call a band that features a cowboy booted former skinhead icon yelling about oral sex over rap drum beats, tired metal licks and samples of the Geto Boys and The Cockney Rejects? A mistake? A brilliant piss-take? A pathetic attempt at some sort of ungodly crossover? All of the above? None?"
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Now if you fancy giving it a try.

01. Swallow My Love
02. Get Your Tits Out
03. get Your Tits Out (Freedom - Fuck Censorship Mix)

Sex For Sexism Sake

01. Can't Stand The Sixties
02. Yeah Yeah Yeah (AC/DC Better Than The Beatles)
03. The Sixties Meant Nothing (Dead Boring Mix)

The Sixties Meant Nothing


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this brilliant post. I have been searching for these songs for years. Keep on blogging like this. By the way, this blog is one of the best around.

Rosenkohl1977 born in 1963

11:16 PM  
Blogger Sascha said... sir, are a God among men. The second HMO EP had become merely an intriguing legend for me to ponder, along the lines of the Yeti, the Wendigo or Sam Fox performing with Hawkwind. Nothing I believed actually existed. Plus you posted it in zip drive. I tip my hat and raise my pint pot of lapsang souchong to you.

In the serendipity department, Dean Wilkinson's brother in law (!!!) sent me an email not a month ago saying he had found my article and had shown it to Dean, who was pleased and "taken aback" that there was any interest in the band whatsoever. Discussions are under way for an interview, though it could be awhile.

Serendipity II: To celebrate an important date in my life I picked up The Rivals' "If Only...." and amidst the chewy pop punk gems I found rough versions of songs that would be later used by both The Last Resort and The Resort '89. Keith is the chap on the HMO sleeve with the 2 Live Crew shirt and doleful expression.

Many thanks for linking to the original article as well, btw. It was a fun article for me to write and one I had been fantasizing about writing for a long time. It means a lot that somebody else likes it, cheers mate.


12:16 AM  
Blogger kennyhel77 said...

I am approaching this with some trepidation. Big Last Resort fan, but something keeps telling me this might be a guilty pleasure

5:00 AM  
Blogger kennyhel77 said...

Is the guitar player the same as the one that played on The Resorts 1989? It sure sounds like it. Anyways this is better than I thought. Nice one!

5:16 AM  
Blogger Jeronyme said...

@ Rosenkhol77
Glad you enjoyed the post and glad you enjoy the blog!

@ Sascha
Thanks a lot for your kind words... it's your article that really decided me to post the HMO.
I think I have some Rivals and will listen to them with renewed attention asap...
It's always a pleasure to read your comments, really. Thanx.

@ Yes I think it's the same guitar player. I can understand your trepidation... I had some too...
Thanx for your comments.


8:20 PM  
Blogger monkeybobbin said...

Hello all. I was the Guitarist for HMO. my Band THE RIVALS. and THE LAST RESORT.. were good friends . the music was worlds apart. but. I Knew ROI from 77 and we remained friends ever since. HMO was created by lol prior and mark Brenham ( captain oi ) the idea was to have a laugh and upset a few people on the way...which it did which included death threats from Beatles fans from all over the world.. which was a laugh, I played with THE RESORT. HMO and THE ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE. 93-95 ALL THE BEST Mark Edwards...THE RIVALS...

12:43 AM  

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