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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bad Samaritans - 6 Track Demo

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Another great gig at TJ's Friday night. Californian legends Agent Orange headlined, support from the always excellent Four Letter Word from Cardiff and The Bad Samaritans who we feature this morning.
Now, The Bad Samaritans feature ex-members of underground scene bands "Cowboy Killers", "The Abs" and "Dub War". Beddis on Vocals, Rev on Drums, Jim on Bass and Glover on Guitar.
Now most of you know I was a big Cowboy Killers fan (as I was of all the aforementioned as well as it happens) so I was looking forward to hearing this first release.
It doesn't disappoint in the slightest and exceeds any expectations (can you do that... I just did). Spot on lyrics which capture the 'Zeitgeist' perfectly (see 'Stab Vest'). Beddis' lyrics, are better than ever (particularly on Grovel for me). Wonderful record. Probably the best Punk Rock record you'll hear all year (or any other record for that matter). Only wish this gets a vinyl release soon.
They any good live? Your kidding right...? Ha!!

Dicks With Dogs/Cars/Gold Tops/Stab Vest/Cocaine Me/Grovel

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Bad Samaritans - Demo


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know I think it's brilliant!


6:45 AM  
Blogger Longy said...

Cheers John,Video sounds good so I shall give this a go. I won't even mention yesterday (Wembley,Chelsea,2 1 ect lol)

7:51 PM  
Blogger Simon said...

Top stuff. Good old Beddis.
Also, I remember a band called The Doctors who were fucking great. Saw this absolutely shit-faced chap arguing with some girl outside TJ's... then up he popped on stage... The Doctors' guitarist. Completely drunk, swaying all over the shop between songs, but then played tight as fuck. "Coastal Erosion!" Brilliant! I still have their tape.

12:50 AM  
Anonymous Oh bladwyn. said...

Ace demo like! When was the last time you posted you old man? Fucking get to it like and dont be such a lazy git. Your daughter xxxx

3:00 PM  

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