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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Crass - Live Bristol Trinity 18/06/80

If you've ever heard the, 'Stop it, you'll ruin it for everyone!' CD. This bootleg from 1980 is in a similar vein.
There was a great atmosphere at Inner Terrestrials on Friday, (one minor scuffle, little Police raid, just to remind us they were there) they were even giving away free pizza. The 80's my flowers, were a darker time indeed (predominantly). You could guarantee it would kick off at some point, it was just a question of magnitude. I wasn't at this gig, but I went to many where a similar atmosphere prevailed.

Crass - Live Bristol Trinity 18/06/80

You can hear the desperation in Steve's voice, when he's telling people to calm down. My favourite bit, is where one of the very obviously Jamaican caretakers of Trinity, appealing for calm, says, 'What are we fighting for, we're all white'.
I normally split files i've ripped from tapes. I think you need this in full, just to add to the claustrophobia of it all.

From the same gig. Ten tracks of prime Poison Girls who were support that night. Tracks separated.

Poison Girls - Live Bristol Trinity 18/06/80

'Thank you very much. Enjoy yourselves!'


Blogger nogsy said...

Thanks for this excellent post - it's hair raising stuff. I have heard the Perth gig - 'You'll Ruin It...' - that's startling - the desperate and angry appeals from the stage are very moving. But this from Bristol is shocking - the violence and fear palpably conveyed by the recording.

Is there a name for the piece that Joy does within 'They've got a Bomb'? It sounds like some impromptu riposte to those wreaking havoc that night. Whatever, it's superb. As are 'Big M.A.N.' and 'Shaved Women' - imbued as they are with the fury of having to perform in the face of such naked aggression.

All in all an important social document. Again, Thanks.


7:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hows it going blad,just got into the port today after a 6&half hour bus ride(fucking hate the tube so i got a coach..only back for a fornight and not been near a pc in 4 weeks so thought i,d have a ganda and say hello...mart
aka bernard da frog

7:35 PM  
Blogger John Liedown said...

The track inbetween is, Sentiment,

'Last vision the lark is flame
The cattle shed gives off the smell of sunday kitchen
The gentle eye, the dispensable perfection
Before the flash takes two weeks food
Pile the sacks of earth and hide
All of us here know it, we grew it
Fighting amongst ourselves, leaving bits of flesh on barbed wire
A little blood on the floor
Locks and bars across the door
Well versed in violation
Our children beat each other in the garden
Our failure to accept the earth, we talk of love but push it to the edge
Push it to the edge
This is no natural aggression composing death
I am afraid for beauty when I see the fist
The perfect hand that turns against itself
The perfect hand that holds a gun or wields a butcher's blade
Or leads to death
Leads to death the used-up bull or incarcerates the hopeless fool
Or takes the forest with a single flame
Leaves the next an empty shell
Human kind condemns the hunting beast
Yet their own choice leaves behind such ragged meat
The military dream of blood
Their sweet wine flowing in the veins of men
Who work towards our bloody end
They fly Enola gaily, give birth to this waiting...waiting
Give us the reality of our hatred, give the earth nothing
Melting, goats dead on the green, dying lambs bleating by the wire
Three last days on the earth, I lay down to die in the grass.'

Yeah, puts you on edge a bit this one. Loved your comment by the way. Nice when someone can be arsed! :)

11:59 PM  
Blogger John Liedown said...

@ ma... Bernard The Frog. Oi! Bladwin! you could have flown half way round the world for that spar. Easy like. How long you back for you cockney. Yuh accent will have changed and tha, since you been up there. I'm worried bout you butt. Give us a bell if you fancy a pint while you down.

12:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mate,
great item,i've got this already in split files but mine says 1981..i'd just like to clarify is it 80 or 81? so i can tidy my files up :o)

9:23 PM  
Blogger John Liedown said...

the tape i've got never had a date but if you go to this link

there's a list for nearly every Crass gig. and it would suggest 1980.



9:40 PM  
Blogger John Liedown said...

I'd say it's gotta be 1980, based on the fact that england were playing in the euro 1980 championshps at the time as well, from the 12-18 June, and based on the amonut of Enger-land cahnts heard throughout... I think there's your answer. :)

9:53 PM  
Blogger John Liedown said...

cahnts is a typo by the way. I meant chants. It was'nt meant to be an insult. :)

9:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok thanks for clearing that up guys,gonna keep this copy as it sounds a lot better than the one i have that is split into seperate tracks..cheers thorn

11:37 PM  
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2:25 PM  
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Anonymous Nige said...

I organized the Bristol gig in 1981
@ St Barnabus with some friends. Due to the violence at the Bristol Trinity Hall gig in 1980 from some bonehead NF, it seemed a good idea to to put the gig on in St Pauls which is a Black area of Bristol. Suprise suprise the boneheads didnt turn up this time and we had no trouble.
I rented a security guard with his dog so he could deal with them if they showed and some heavy duty biker mates from my local. It was very funny when Securicor was played !

The Trinity Hall is directly oposite one of the highest security Police stations in Bristol. No suprise to say they never turned up. They would have just shut it down anyway and ruined the gig.

I must still have the original screen print stencil for the St Barnabus gig posters somewhere.

I was only 15 :) Crass shaped my politics forever

12:54 AM  

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