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Monday, September 22, 2008

Ligament/Space Bike - Split Single

Keeping up the theme. Another Split single from 1995. Featuring bands from both sides of the pond.

Ligament from the U.K. put in a fine shoe of Albini type noise, with a touch of Fugazi at their most ferocious. You know the sort of thing. Discordant guitars, drums sounding like the snares going to pop at any minute. Very nice indeed.

On the flip, are Space Bike from wisconsin, who give us a bit of that mid west sound. Sounds a lot like early Buffalo Tom to me. Which ain't a bad thing in my book.

Released on 'Che Trading Limited' 1995.

Comes on slate grey vinyl, which while nice to hold in your hand will look as dull as yesterday's effort in 2D. Unlike this single. Which is very good.

Ligament/Space Bike - Split Single


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