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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tall Boys - Final Kick 12"

Side One: Final Kick
Side Two: Interceptor + Dragster + Action Woman

Nigel Lewis after his departure from the Meteors went on to form the Escalators and the Tall Boys. The Rockabilly element was more or less dropped and the sound leaned more toward New-Wave/Punk with a 60's Punk influence. This 12" "Final Kick" from 1985 is again hard to pigeonhole ... but do we really need to put tags! It's brilliant anyway!!! Give it a try!

Tall Boys - Final Kick


Blogger John Liedown said...

Always liked Dwan Of The Flies & Wednesday Adams' Boyfriend. Love his deadpan monotone delivery and some of my favourite Meteors songs are with him singing rather than P.Paul. Earwigs in my brain & stuff.
Good stuff J.

9:45 PM  
Blogger HERBIVORE said...

Yeah John, my sentimentes exactly, when you play guitar like chuck berry on acid dont worry about singin is my advice, its wild cos i was just listning to this last week or the week before.
Oh the other thing i keep forgetting to ask you is have you got any of the victimised singles. Do you know them, or have i made it up i'm sure they were from Cardiff the single i had was called bABY BUYER AND it was fuckin ace, im desperate to hear it again. let me know if not i'll mail my bro'.
Cheers H

12:18 PM  

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