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Friday, April 04, 2008

Millions Of Dead Cops - TJ's Newport 3/4/08

Went to see M.D.C. last night, along with fellow blogger Bernard from Nuclear Farmed Fuck Frogs. A pleasant evening it was to. Support from FUK. Gabba from Chaos U.K.'s latest venture. Saw them supporting The Exploited over a year ago but enjoyed them a lot more this time. Bristol/Scandi/Jap influenced noise. Cider violence. Nice.
I've been to quite a few gigs in the last few weeks, but a have to say MDC were the best band i've seen in a while. Tight as hell, and relentless.
All the classics churned out at breakneck speed. Apologies if the images are not up to the normal standard, but P.O.P.'s regular photo-journalist decided she had to sort out the tee pee fr the Summer (hippy scum), so it was left to me to do the honours.So most of the pics look the same.With Beddis from the Cowboy Killers doing the olde' Punk Rock disco, in between bands it was a cracking night. I was probably last to leave.... You know how it is.
I also got to buy a new MDC klan/cop t-shirt for £8 quid. A Punk Rock classic in my book. Should you bump into me anywhere in the next 12 months I will probably be wearing it.
Another repeat, I know, but the classic MDC single on Crass records, (in the U.K.) Multi Death Corporations. Go!
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Millions Of Dead Cops - Multi Death Corporations
Millions Of Dead Cops - Selfish Shit
Millions Of Dead Cops - Radioactive Chocolate
Millions Of Dead Cops - No Place To Piss


Blogger bernard said...

tighter than a nats arse they were..very good night indeed...whats next gig wise did,nt notice anything?

9:52 AM  
Blogger John Liedown said...

Aye it was a good night. I do'nt think i'm going again til the Subs play in May though!

12:28 AM  

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