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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Damned

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Went to see the always excellent Damned tonight. One of the first ever bands I saw live. Despite the line up changes and the intervening years they are still a great live show. This is the second time i've seen them this year & they just keep getting better at the moment.
Now I know you would probably I posted something off one of the early albums (The Black Album is my favourite album by the way) but today kids we have the solo Captain Sensible single 'The Toys Take Over' b/w 'It's A Sporting Life'. This I think is as good as anything he has ever written for The Damned. 'Toys' is a great piece of dark pop and 'Sporting Life' could have come straight off 'The Black Album'. If your a Damned fan enjoy, if not, well.....

Captain Sensible - The Toys Take Over
Captain Sensible - It's A Sporting Life

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The video is from the Brixton Ace from 1983, and was first shown on the Channel 4 programme 'Whatever You Want' which Keith Allen the comedian introduced. There used to be some great bands on that programme. You will see that Gobbing was still 'Der Rigeur' at the time with Vanian copping one grolly smack on the forehead. 'Curtain Call' is one of my favourite Damned songs which they tonight as an encore.

And from Tonight's support band the mighty Goldblade.
Goldblade - Black Sheep Radical


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