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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sunglasses After Dark - Morbid Silence

Considering John's previous post, I thought it was appropriate to post this Sunglasses After Dark 12" to follow in the batcavish, gothic, ghoulish genre. Put Cramps (no big surprise I guess with a name like that!) and Play Dead in a mixer, add some demented violin to it and you'll get a general idea of the dish. Now it's up to you to leave a comment... or leave us both J's rotting in a morbid silence........

Sunglasses After Dark - Morbid Silence


Blogger John Liedown said...

I've given you Cramps font, I though it was more appropiate. :)

10:17 PM  
Blogger capitalicide said...

thanks for the sunglasses after dark!

hey man wanna post germ attak tour dates on yer blizog?

wed 20 Vancouver @ ALF house w/ Spectres,Funeral Circle,Dichotomy
thu 21 Victoria @ Camus Books w/Blood Nasty,Stegasaurus Beach Defence
fri 22 Seattle @ The Retirement home W/ Death Raid,Burning Leather,Embers
sat 23 Portland @ 812 se Mill w/Question, Lebenden Toten, Nerveskade
sun 24 Sacremento @? w/?
mon 25 Fresno @ Kat house w/Battleshock
tue 26 Los Angeles @ AWS w/Life InExile,Mala Sangre,Dead Noise,Resistant Culture
wed 27 Tijuana @ Billares El Travieso w/Calafia Puta,Verbal Diarrea,Los Homeless
thu 28 San Fransisco @ Thrillhouse records w/Question, Wartrash, and Orb of Confusion
fri 29 Berkely @ 924 Gilman w/Sahn Maru,Appalachian Terror Unit,Wartorn,Acts of Sedition,Yellow Eyes
sat 30 Portland @ satyricon w/Resist,Hellshock,Nux Vomica,Against Empire,Wartorn,Appalachian Terror Unit,Germ Attak,Dead By Dawn,Squalora


3:59 AM  
Blogger Pogel said...

Saw them opening for Bad Brains. I posted the bootleg I did of Bad Brains. Sunglasses were forgettable.

12:20 AM  
Blogger Azbest said...


10:53 PM  

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