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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hagar The Womb - Sounds April 20th 1985

Nice little piece on Hagar The Womb, from Sounds in 1985, and an excuse to re-post the Peel Session.
Spirited Anarcho Punk from the Mortarhate signed band. 'Song Of Deep Hate' I think is particulary good on this. As mentioned in the accompanying article.

TX - 20/02/1984
Producer - Dale Griffin
Engineer - Peter Watts
Studio - Maida Vale 5

Today's Miss World/Armchair Observer/By Force/A Song Of Deep Hate

Line Up
Chris Knowles (Drums)
Mitch Flacko (Bass)
Paul Harding (Guitar)
Janet Nassim (Guitar)
Ruth Ellis (Vocals)
Karen Amden (Vocals)
Elaine Rubens (Vocals)

Hagar The Womb - Peel Session


Blogger Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Aaah! The days when the music press was about the music and bands and not so much the adverts and selling the rock'n'roll lifestyle. I still buy NME, but you can read it in 5 minutes and be left wanting. Check out THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM if you get a chance, (posted a couple on the blog)for once the NME may get it right, best American band I've heard for ages. I do like the new Punks on Postcards, it does indeed Sound Fair, some top quality shit. I've got a little something I'm gonna post for you when I get my arse in gear now I've sorted out computer issues with audacity, a Herts and Essex HSA Benefit tape with a live Cowboy Killers tune, well an Elvis one originaly I think.

5:05 PM  
Blogger John Liedown said...

Hi Nuzz,
I gave up on the NME a good while back. I only ever buy it now when there is a free CD on the cover. I buy the monthly's now and then and the ocasional Kerrang!
Like the Gaslight Anthem stuff. Tis a bit Social D. Seem to remember that tape, was it a Square Club thing?
Yes it's great having Jeronyme posting on here as well. I always loved his blog, and it's like a really nice surprise when he's done a post. Thanks for dropping in.

2:48 PM  

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