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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rectify : Man Made

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More Anarcho Hardcore Punk from Rectify, feat Pig now This System Kills, & Wedge later of Four Letter Word, & Kev & Web (who went on to form Sick Cell). Split up in 2000. The release is an 8 track mini L.P. Great live band. It features a cover of "Society" by the Subhumans which is worth the price of admission alone. Our Society what a drag!!! Indeed. 1999 Taffcore Records. Grab it.

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Rectify - Man Made


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any idea where to get the Man Made CD these days? I was supposed to order it from the band when they were still alive and kicking, but I managed to forget it. Xenotransplantation (from the Aftermath compilation) is a big favourite of mine.

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