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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Truth Decay : Fat Punks Can't Pogo

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Sheffield Band: Truth Decay was an early 90's hardcore punk rock band from Sheffield, whose members would prove influential in keeping the Sheffield punk scene alive.

The band was initially a 3 piece with Rich (bass), Jake (drums), and Darren (guitar). They recruited Stu (vocals) in early 93 and spent the next 3 years touring the UK and Europe (czech republic mainly). They released "Another Day Wasted" on Step One records, however, just before this release, Darren left the band (after recording a czech only 10") and was replaced by Ade.

The band was constantly changeing its line up until they split in late 98. One further 7" appeared, and the band have played together a couple of times since for friends parties.

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Rich would joined Bickles Cab as a drummer.
Jake writes a fanzine Anthill.
Stu became the permanent bassist for Last Years Youth before they split and now plays bass in BurnSubvertDestroy.
Outside of the bands both Rich and Stu remained the only people willing to put on punk shows in Sheffield in the late 90's, and both continue to do so.

Entertaining EP and I had to share that lovely vinyl with you.

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Truth Decay - Fat Punks
Truth Decay - Faceless Men
Truth Decay - Oi! Oi!
Truth Decay - The Enemy


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