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Saturday, February 10, 2007

No Choice : Sadist Dream E.P.

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Cardiff Punks, No Choice, with this their debut E.P. on Riot City Records released in 1983. Released as a result of them giving a demo tape to Chaos from Chaos UK. The Casualties guitarist can be seen randomnly wearing one of their T-Shirts in the last post, as just as randomnly The Housemartins drummer once wore one on Top Of The Pops. The b-side of this i've always loved, rarely playing the A side. But in recent years I now love Sadist Dream, which I now find (quite wrongly I know) very funny. I think it's the Cardiff accent (not to dissimilar to my own). I'd like to blow me mate's arm off. Innit. Sorted.

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No Choice - Sadist Dream
No Choice - Nuclear Disaster
No Choice - Cream Of The Crop


Blogger Slobodan Burgher said...

Who-hey there! Seen this about many times but never actually heard it so thanks a lot.

Venom rules!


12:27 PM  

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