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Monday, March 16, 2009

Rectify - Piece By Piece

Classified Prtotest's last line up changed their name to Rectify, & this was released as a split L.P. on Blown To Bits records. You may recognise a few of the tracks from the last Classified Protest demos if you've heard them. Mudgey played guitar & did the art work, and is sadly no longer with us. I love the cover on this which has a Nick Blinko Yin Yang thing going on. It was supposed represent losing people from the movement. Pig now This System Kills, did the vocals & Wedge later of Four Letter Word, played the drums. Where Footy is now i'm not sure, but he was a solid bass player and all round top bloke.

Killing Fields/Broken Homes/Once Bitten/What A Price To Pay/Victims/Kidcatcher/Icon Of Hate

Rectify - Piece By Piece


Blogger Jeronyme said...

This cover is pretty familiar! Remember ordering this split LP to Pig... many many years ago!
It was on my list of records to rip. Anyway glad to have these trax in mp3's.

Thanx John!


6:41 PM  
Blogger Longy said...

Cheers John,I shall listen to this later while I'm pulling out what little I have left of my hair (thats if I haven't smashed the computer up lol)

6:58 PM  

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