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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Little Bob Story - Let Me In 7" (1975)

Second single by Little Bob Story and a great one too... as you may know the band had a strong connection with the english scene (played a lot in England at the time) and eventually toured France with Dr Feelgood and the Heavy Metal Kids... and somehow this actually sounds like a kind of heavy metal version of Dr Feelgood (especially Side B)... let's say Feelgood with the guy from Rose Tattoo or the one from Accept (remember Accept... I'm A Rebel ???) on vocals (yes I know the 3 of them are rather litlle)... somehow... well somehow only....

Now to the Little Sob Story.... I'm gonna take a break from blogging and most probably quit for good.... I really hope John will reappear sometimes.... I'm gonna post one or two last goodies (well it 's obviously a question of taste...) and then...
Let Me Out!



Blogger Vanilla Gorilla said...

Great record! I had planned to post it on my own blogspot. I like the blog, keep at it!

2:03 AM  

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