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Monday, March 09, 2009

In The Shit - Fall Of The Damned

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More things local, with Newport's very own, In The Shit. Great little 5 track E.P. which is kinda of where my head is at currently.
File under essential.
The best, (only!) Spermbirds cover you are ever likely to hear.

Obligatory Indoctrination/Revenge/Scourge Of Humanity/Beast In The Vestry/Americans Are Cool

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In The Shit - Fall Of The Damned


Blogger Longy said...

For a town the size of Newport,you don't half have alot of great bands (you lucky sods)

Loving this but judging my the banging on the wall, my neighbour hates you : - )

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great band! Discovered them quite a few years ago on a comp featuring their fab number "Screaming Beer". My curiosity grew even more when I learned they had Kip-Xool from the Cowboy Killers in their ranks (at the time anyway). What I've heard from them since has always been excellent... this one is no exception.

Thanx John!


5:53 PM  

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